Childhood experiences plays a key role in personality development. So, these negative schemas or mental images extends into the adulthood and later life.

In adulthood they are prone to;

  • Addiction; both chemical or non-chemical
  • Emotional disturbances
  • Poor eating patterns; obesity or anorexia nervosa
  • Relationships problems
  • Manipulation and other behavioral problems

The Outcomes for Parents

Parents who let their children to bully them in any way, they most likely to suffer the long term effects. These kind of adults behave with their parents like;

  • Don’t Care for patents
  • Stealing from parents’ money
  • Always dependent on parents; financially and other matters of life
  • Conflicts with parents
  • Verbally, emotionally and even physically abuse their parents

The children who bully their parents learned negative behaviors. And these behaviors reinforce by the responses of their parents, hence they continue to do those behaviors. Actually, they never learned the effective ways to cope with everyday life stresses, emotional management and communication skills. These children and adults need professional intervention to deal with their presenting problems. Otherwise, they will continue their negative behaviors.

Being Bullied by Children? What to do?

The longer you permit bully behaviors, the harder isto deal with them. If you really want to get rid of this complex situation, you need to speak it up. Ask for help and get right support. Share your feeling with your sincere friends and other parents. The fact is, parents who are bully by their children always have shame and guilt. Which restrict them not to talk about the real problems, resulting in long-term suffering. The bullying must be dealt directly and wisely. It won’t stop if you don’t have courage to stop it.

The following four strategies can help parents to deal with a young bully at home;

1.Unity of the Parents

United parenting is vital to reclaim boundaries with your children. If only one partner is being bullied by the child, and the other partner is not. Then this is the worst scenario. The child uses this relationship state of the parents and continue to bully one parent.

When parents are not on the same page, the functionality of the family become compromised, and the whole family suffers. This split situation effects the overall wellbeing of the children and they have split perspective about each of the parent, while each parent is also trying to influence the children against other partner. This chaos and negative modeling results in the negative schemas or mental images of the children and they become vulnerable of having negative personality.And they learn that, it’s no big deal to bully or shout on someone you love or care for.