Therefore, it’s compulsory for the parents to continuously working on their relationship. It is recommended to work on your relationship on daily basis. Another problem arises, when the marital status disturbs from the normality such as, separation or divorced. In-spite of the situations, the parents must struggle as team for the overall wellbeing of their children. In-fact, they teach their children that how to deal with the conflicts without bullying or fight.

It is normal to have disagreements among the parents but beauty of this relationship lies within the dealing strategies.

1.Gather Support

Sadly, there is no place for bullied parents. Everyone knows this fact. You have no need to hide or feel embarrassed. In-fact, most of your friends and family know about your situation, whether you are hiding from them or not. They can understand your situation and can offer you help and support, if you ask for. So, stay confident and get help as soon as you can.

2.Involve school/college officials

Usually, parents don’t come forward and ask for help at school or college of their children. They feel ashamed of their situation and don’t want to reveal it to anyone. Even at child’s institute of learning, where matters of parents remain confidential. They may be suffered from different psychological problems such as, anxiety, depression etc. They often used denial, i.e., refusing the reality to cope with mental distress. But, isolation can only worsen the problem. A big fear is that, “what will other say?” You have to face your fears in order to get rid of painful situation.

We can all understand, that asking for help isn’t an easy task. But, this is the only way if you are being bullied by your child. Counselors and Psychologists are available for help in most of the well reputed institutes. So, feel free to ask for help.

3.Get Professional help

Unfortunately, in our country, there is little help available for the bullied parent at educational institutes. The good news is; internet is full of education for such problems. There is plenty of open sources having educational material and readily available videos, from which parents can learn a lot and even can solve these problems their own without going anywhere. If you think you can’t do it alone, then seek professional help. You can contact with a therapist or counselor for your concerned problems. They will provide structured treatment to deal with the children who bully parents.