What is Pain?

Pain: Pain is a sensation we have all experienced at some point in our lives. As children we skinned our knees & elbows, smacked our heads against various objects, fell off bikes & down the stairs & off swing-sets. As we grow a little older, there are these headaches, stomachaches, sprains —-and maybe even a broken bone awaiting us.

Pain, in some form or the other, stays with us from birth to death. Chronic pain is one of the most costly health problems world-over. The pain, for these sufferers, stretches across quality of life and bears significant negative impact. : many are less able or even unable to walk/ exercise, enjoy natural sleep, perform household chores, attend social activities, drive a car, or have sexual relations.  The effect of pain on these people’s lives is such that many report strained or broken relationships with family and/ or friends.

How should you deal with pain?

Pain is inevitable and inescapable. Each of us will have to deal with pain, which requires medical intervention, at some point in our lives – acute or chronic. Challenges for recovering addicts are more complicated because some pain medications are addictive. And if not monitored well, it may trigger relapse. Therefore, we want you to be prepared to deal with pain & for that you need to develop a comprehensive plan for managing it.

Pain is universal. However, the degree to which we feel pain & how we react to it is the result of our own individual biological, psychological, & cultural make-up. Experiences involving injuries or illness can influence our sensitivity to pain as well. Simply stated, pain varies from one person to another, & this varied response makes it difficult to describe/ define it.     (To be continued…)


Marvin D.Seppala David P.Martin


Pain free living for Drug Free People.