Written by:
Paras Mir

Personal satisfaction is the key to happiness. A person without satisfaction does not have mental peace and motivation for improvement. A person becomes an accomplice due to constant dissatisfaction and settling yourself for unfulfilled wants. As when you make decision according to your choice related to yourself and your relationships, you feel better and confident. 

Paras Meer Works as a clinical psychologist at willing ways. She joined willing ways in April 2017 as researcher and clinical psychologist. She has done MS (Health Psychology) and BS (Hons) in Applied Psychology from Lahore College for Women University, Lahore. Counseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Organizational Psychology and Research are her areas of interest and Specialty.

Editor: Sehrish Sarfraz

When you are in good and feel better about yourself it becomes easy for you to deal effectively with others mistreatment with you. But when you resist in front of the circumstance in which you cannot change any things you feel disappointed and drained. But on the other side when a person resist in the certain situations in which things can be settle down through effective utilization of skills, you will rewarded with opportunities and self-confidence.

Here are some ways through which you stop settling the things and feel better:

  1. Stop justifying the bad behavior of others.

Do you frequently give justification to yourself for others mistreatment? He had some personal issues that why he misbehaves with you. She had relationship issues that why she expect much of me”. All of this statement disturbs you. So there is need to change your dealing with such a circumstances and talk directly what hurts you. If the people close you do not hear your feelings and validate it and accept you, you are depending on less than you deserve.

  1.  Realize that not getting according to your expectations is not a punishment or personal curse

You make yourself vulnerable for depression, frustration and settling yourself less then you deserve if you continuously tell yourself that outside forces are controlling your life. This point of view about yourself and your life make prone to stop making efforts for betterment in your life.  Each time you try to do something according to your wants take inspiration from pas experience rather than demotivating yourself for past hardships and setbacks.

Life is sometime unfair but do not generalize it for every aspect of life. If you start doing things with hope and positive frame of mind you will achieve it. If you allow the past bitter experience to intervene in your way of achieving goals you will complicate your life and decrease the chances to get maximum results from according to your potentials. So it’s better to make your mind clear free from past worries and bitter experience if you don’t want to settle yourself for less than you deserve.