Remember that you are a human and all humans make mistakes, it is inevitable. The best thing to do when you do make a mistake is to tell yourself to learn from it, and grow. However, it is not easy to be positive because when you slip-up your mind automatically reminds you of all the times people downgraded you and told you that you were upto no good. You have to re-write these messages with positive ones. With this technique you learn how to take mistakes as opportunities to make negative believes of yourself into positive ones.

There is one thing that you may have noticed that is how your brain constantly plays the same negative thoughts over and over again, without much difficulty. This chatter does not stop and it disturbs your life. However, from now on you will not only control what goes around in your brain, but you will also insure that you think about a positive, uplifting story. It should run in your mind like a movie plot, continuously. The longer the story is the better.

It would be even more helpful if the story is about you achieving all your goals. You have to internalize the feeling of having achieved all that you wish for, as if you have really done it. As if you have really succeeded in life.

Most importantly, look around and see if there are negative people around you. They can be friends, relatives or even your own family members. Be observant. When you identify them, try to limit exposure with these people. It can be difficult when it comes to family members but you can at least try to stop yourself from sharing your plans/goals with them. If you do that they will not have to opportunity to disagree with you or de-motivate you. Moreover, energy is contagious, positive and negative alike.

If you catch yourself thinking too much about the future, stop and think about what you can do right now. Live in the present. Stop worrying about the future instead of that anxiety ridden mind state, think about what can be done in the present. Besides, who knows what the future holds?

It is a misconception that positive self talk is self-deception or faking. It is neither of those beliefs, it is merely seeing the positive aspect in a negative situation, to keep you going and not get overwhelmed by everything. It is not ‘seeing what you want’ in a situation rather, it is noticing the truth in a situation or in yourself for that matter. Like I said before, humans make mistakes and you are no exception, so it is a fundamental truth that you will make mistakes. Expecting perfection from yourself or anyone else is extremely unrealistic. And thinking that you will never face any difficulties in life because of your own mistake or due to circumstances, is also as unrealistic.