Written by:
Duaa Sarfraz

Negative thoughts play a huge role in shaping our mood. And all of us have collection of messages that we send to our brain frequently. Whether these messages are positive or negative, it shapes our paradigms. If you keep thinking about negative aspects of your life you will feel the negativity everywhere and in everyone. The most reliable way to stay away from this negativity is to practice positive self talk. Think of positive stuff, send positive messages to your brain.

The problem though, arises because instead of positive self talk we rely on negative self talk. It helps to let it all out, doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t. You only fill yourself with hate and irritability. It only hurts you, it might hurt someone close to you too but the amount of destruction it causes for yourself can not be compared.

Sometimes you won’t be able to recognize what basically inclines you towards negative self talk. Most of it is initiated by the guilt, anger, regret and/or anxiety, which is, often hidden deep inside.

The very first step that you have to take to rid yourself of negative thoughts is to be aware of them. Because it will prove extremely hard to change negative thoughts into positive ones if you are not thoroughly aware of the thoughts running through your mind. It will help you to bring out everything that is buried deep inside and causing harm. But it is quite obvious that it won’t be easy to put a handle on it. Not since you have a long history of negative self talk.

Your internal talk became negative because of a lot of factors for instance your first grade teacher might’ve called you “stupid” on many occasions. Maybe, you believed her and you would realize that much of your internal chat consists of telling yourself that you are too stupid and that you can never do anything good. A very common example of negative self talk is telling yourself “I can’t” and when you do that, when you tell yourself that you won’t be able to do something, you yourself tell your brain to create a resistance when you try to do that.

Now, if you give your brain these kind of messages it is going to work accordingly. It’s functioning will reflect the messages it receives. Low self esteem and always putting yourself down are not two good combinations for going far in life. Since, a negative mind can never give you a positive life.

A great way to eliminate this chatter is to face yourself, for claiming that “you can’t”. Instead ask yourself “why can’t I?”. Challenge yourself and make sure to believe that there is next to nothing that you can’t do. People do unbelievable stuff if only they believe in themselves. If you told a man, from the 15th century, that there are going to airplanes taking passengers from one corner of the world to other in no time, he would laugh or think you were crazy. That is just a small example. There are a million cases like this.