Positive Attitude Help in Recovery of Addiction

Positive thinking plays an in the life of everyone and once a person is developed the habit of positive thinking and focus only on the positive side of everything that happened in his or her life then life become very productive and more easy to live with. So when we talking about the importance of positive thinking and positive attitude regarding recovery of addiction then one thing we need to understand that recovery of any sort of addiction is long term process and an addict cannot be changed in a single day and there many treatments plan that are used to for the recovery of addictions and I believe all the treatments are useless if addict  himself is not interested in the recovery and I think that positive thinking and positive attitude is one of the most powerful tools that helps the addicts to stop taking drugs and live a healthy life again.

Arsalan-SaleemArsalan Saleem has done BS Psychology. He is working as a Psychologist. He has deep interest in Yoga, Breathing Sciences and Meditation and He helped numerous people for recovery from Mental and Physical illness through Yoga and Breathing Exercises.

    Editor: Samreen Masaud

When we talk about the importance of positive thinking for the recovery off addiction than one thing needs to understand that positive thinking and attitude play a huge role in the recovery of addiction that cannot be explained in few words

Positive thinking and attitude help  in addiction recovery because the way you think and feel about yourself is determined about you and the most important thing about positive thinking is positive self –talk because positive self-talk helps us to do things positively and achieve what we want to achieve in our life whereas negative self-talk can hold you back and creates a lot of problems that you cannot even imagine and continuously and excessive amount of negative self-talk is a very much common in addicts. 

the power of positive thinking

It is observed that Peoples who are addicted to any drugs are very much negative about themselves and their negative thoughts surrounded them from all side and the negative self-talk that addicts mostly used, I am the very bad person. This negative self-talk reduces the chances of recovery from addiction. It is very important for the addict to find out their negative self-talk that affects their emotions, feeling of guilt, hopelessness and addict must need to find out these negative thoughts because negative self-talk is one of the foremost and leading obstacles in the recovery of addicts from addiction.

One thing needs to understand that the negative habitual thinking patterns can be replaced and changed with the positive thinking but it take some time but it is one of the fundamental tools that helps the addicts to stay sober and also enjoy healthy and positive life. It is not enough to just say I am positive and you need to show that by doing practical work and use some tools and techniques and the most important tool for the development of positive thinking is awareness. Because when addict see how a thought come into the mind then it is very easy for him to fight and combat against these negative thoughts. Addicts need to decide a simple statement that he will replace it with negative thoughts like “I am sober and clean now” or I am winning the combat counter to addiction. These types of statement really help to a large extent regarding the recovery of addiction.

It is very common that when you have the positive attitude and you think in a positive way towards yourself then you won’t be depressed and you don’t take any sort of tension and anxiety. So when the addict has negative attitude and think in a negative way towards him then the chances are high that their recovery from addiction is very much difficult. It is needed to focus that positive thinking help to boosting the immune system and it highly helpful in fighting beside all sort of diseases. It helps to handle stress healthier ass associated with the peoples who have a negative attitude towards themselves.