Dialogue is a meaningful and understandable conversation between two or more persons that insures free flow of meaning. Dialogue is derived from the Greek words 'through' and 'words'. It suggests an activity aimed at eliciting meanings.

From the very beginning when humans started interacting with each other verbally or nonverbally, they opened a way to dialogue. But Differences of opinions, strong emotions and high stakes made the dialogue more challenging.

As we move into times of accelerating change and deepening uncertainty, we need to get smart about how to talk to one another. We need to learn communication skills. We need to reconstruct our stereotypic thinking such as racial discriminations and rigid mind. On contrary we need to find common grounds, build meaning and mutual purpose for resorts of conflicts as groups, as teams, as committees, as communities and as citizens. It's only possible when we get all relevant information by openly and honestly expressing opinions, feelings pictureand articulating theories.

Indeed in a dialogue there are at-least two persons trying to solve an issue. These persons are basically advocating individuality. They have their own personal pool which consists of unique experiences, cognition (attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs) and feelings. Hence every single word that comes out is the outcome of personal pool. Furthermore we enter in crucial conversations when we don't share same pool, our opinions differ. Here we need a shared pool that helps us in resolving conflict because it is a birth place of synergy, high accuracy and diverse relevant information along with multiple routes of solutions. By questioning and probing each other, carefully dissecting and analyzing ideas, finding the inconsistencies, never attacking or insulting but always searching for what they can accept between them, they can gradually attain deeper understanding and insight as they move towards the resolution of problems, not to blame each other.