When you focus on being a blessing,

God makes sure that you are always

blessed in abundance”(Joel Osteen).

People in this world are living miserable lives due to diversion of focus. They never sort out what they want to become? Or what they want out from life? They are unclear about their destination and their thinking about future is void. Their capabilities do not have any sort of direction or aims. In reality fawad-aly-shahwhen we do not adopt clear thinking about our goals, aims success never embrace us. People, who are trying hard to make a mark in different fields; without focusing never get proper recognition. Only those people who are fully aware of their surroundings with proper focus attain lime light. In out convention type of training people came across the myth that when you will burn all your boats you will be victories in every walk of life. Acting out with this frame of mind people usually takes big risks and end up like a failure.

          Experiments of successful people tell that when you come up with hazard believe and illusionary focus in my profession; you chance to become successful are at margin.

          There are two types of people in every profession. A majority of people are those who are working in any profession with disbelief of becoming a success. They tend to focus more on the fact that if they click in this profession that will be a blessing in disguise. Otherwise they will quit and search out for a new profession. At the back of their mind plan B’s are creating more space. Eventually they end up like an armature.

          Other types of people are those who analyze their potential. Then they mark a profession for themselves. They don’t have plan B’s for life. They focus more on their skills and grab lottery of success in life.

          There are many examples in the world, how with the help of proper focus and well defined goals make miracles in peoples live. Life of Oprah Winfrey is in front of us. She is an American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, produces and philanthropist. She has been ranked the richest African-American of the 20th century. But her early life was full of pain misery and poverty. But she did not lose hope. She focused on her difficulties and paves her way towards success. Another famous example is of British novelist J. K. Rowling. She got her fame by writing the most celebrated book series of Harry Potter. 400 million copies of this series have been sold till to date. J. K. Rowling has been considered among most powerful and rich ladies of the world. She also started her journey from poverty. She wanted to become a novelist. She channelized all her focus towards writing and attained fame. These examples tell us that by focusing on what we want from life will eventually bring credit in our life. Early failures and criticism never stops us.

          People who prepare themselves for hardships are taking active part in the battle of survival. They understand that distractions never win themselves anything rather proper focus and deliberate practice will be the deciding factor. When you start doing work with proper focus then many new horizons start to open up. This world is full of possibilities. Many people left helpless because they do not decide in time what they want to become in life.     Life of successful people tells us that life is not about unrealistic desires and regrets it gives us lessons that if we work with giving proper focus to our goals nothing in this world will going to stops us.