You are moving along the journey of life; you don’t want to stop because of fear to be left out. You are a traveler of journey of success. You are very hard worker honest and consistent, but in life many chances will come when important decision making about choosing what is right and what is wrong becomes obvious. In this critical time you need someone to help you out. You really don’t know how to tackle it, you need guidance mentorship,fawad-aly-shah teaching. Certain questions will guide you. Certain principles will show you the way how to live a positive life. How can you remain successful and principle driven individual in your life.

What is important in life? What is the need to be educated? These are the fundamental questions about living a principle-centered life. We should make a strong vow to ourselves that at every possible opportunity we will acquire knowledge. We people are like wet soil in the hands of craftsman. The more we know; the more we sharpen our saw, we eventually become more productive. Next thing is about meaning of life. According to Frederick Herzberg if the sole purpose of life is to earn money then its become hard to stay happy and contented. We feel happy when we get the opportunity to learn something new. We are responsible about things. We bring change to someone`s life and get recognized for that.

We often are unaware of the fact that to cultivate good relationships we need long term investments. We have to pay attention to every detail of our dealings on daily basis. As we are suffering with modern age dilemma of being a successful personality having weak morale ethic, we are progressing leaps and bounds in our career, but our domestic life is on turmoil. To come out from this situation we need to adapt to situations. Like a manager, who is at the same time a visionary as well he pursues the ways for his organization. He decides how key responsibilities of the company will handover to talented people. Sometimes theses decisions are very hard to make. He may uses co-ercion policies in order to maintain the sanity of the organization. 


Principle of creating a vision for yourself is very important. While creating a vision statement we must focus on the future in an affinitive and inspirational way. For example we ask following questions from ourselves like why am I special? What makes me happy? What do I love about me? What am I best at? Where do I excel? These visions sets the foundation for future planning and goal setting by describing the future in present and powerful terms.


People are much interested to talk about their wants. More money, more time, flexibility in every aspect of life. Your vision will define your needs. Never be scare of limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are those negative thoughts and stories individuals tell themselves that ultimately discourage achievements of one’s goal. These are frequently excuses in disguise. I can’t lose weight because I never have time to work out and good food is just too expensive. Riddled with such believes, how come such person will reach the goal of weight loss. Limiting belief also cap one’s achievements. If limiting belief are hindering your success get organized and also do something about it.

By applying such principle in our lives we can lead a principle centered life style. We are undoubtedly in a process of change in our lives. Both creating and recreating our vision about life will help us. It will lead us to learn new things and skills in life. Never be afraid to try. If you create principle about your life. Stick to them. Don’t be dishearted. Go back, clarify where needed, restate new goals and begin again!