Problems are like weeds that grow in a beautiful backyard. If not recognized and dig up early enough they will dominate the backyard and clog the beautiful flowers in the backyard. In fact you will forget there was ever a lovely backyard there to begin with.

When people are suffering with problems things seem urgent and pressing. They want a solution right away and will go to almost any lengths to get one. Solutions are not magic. It might take a number of weeks to reduce the devastating effects generated by the specific problems. For example in case of personal problems, people always go for short term solutions. They want to tackle their affairs with quick fixes. One sound reason why people don’t change such behaviors might be because of the circumstances surrounding themselves either remains much the same. It seems that change is not required. The key is to make adjustments to their environment as their typical ways of behaving with situations are no longer appropriate and result oriented. When faced with objectionable circumstances it is alluring to ignore them and not deal with them.

Iqra Tariq 1Iqra Tariq serves as Clinical Psychologist at Willing ways Lahore. She had done her Masters in Applied Psychology, from Lahore Garrison University, Lahore. And graduated from Defence Degree College, Lahore. She has also worked with slow learner, autistic children and ADHD children in Turning Point, Lahore.She participated in various workshops on occupational therapies, stress management, autism, art therapy, positive psychology and learning disorders.

Editor: Hameeda Batool

The pathway of least fighting is an attractive one and the effort required to deal with the problem sometimes seems too massive. At times it is not so much that the problem is big but that it requires us to acknowledge something about ourselves or others that we just do not want to face. A problem that is not dealt can lead to other problems. Unluckily, problems are very social creatures and they will impatiently invite other problems into your life. By not controlling one, you may be opening the door to many others. It is the domino effect: “one action in this case, can lead to many different consequences”.


When you obsessed with the past, you detain yourself in negative thoughts that would never allow you to move forward. If two people lost their money and one of them started to think in terms of the past he will only find himself blaming others while if the other person thought about the future he will only be concerned about finding solutions for the problem. If you want to deal with life problems in a good way then think to the fore and stop being attached to the past. Some people become panic when a short term problem happens and therefore they never manage to deal with life problems properly. Strong people on the other hand think long term consequences. They do not care about daily results because they are following a long term plan.