Comfort zone is defined as a situation or a position in which a person feels safe, secure and comfortable. Our comfort zones are developed over the period of time and can be perceived as boundaries that are based on our challenges, achievements, struggles and experiences. In simple words our comfort zone defines us.  Leaving a comfort zone doesn’t need to be in result of some complicated event rather it could be done deliberately.

haroon-charistyStaying in Comfort zone is not at all bad rather it is there to protect us. One of its purposes is to help us not take more anxiety and stress more than we humans are programmed to. But on the other hand staying too long in comfort zone could be very harmful, it refrains you from learning.

Following are some of the tips that can help you pull yourself out of comfort zone.

Face your fears

One of the best ways to get out of your comfort zone is to face your fears. Fears are experimented to be the major cause for staying back in a comfort zone. So point to be considered here, is not to take control of your fears in one single go rather start taking baby steps. For example if you are uncomfortable talking socially to people because you think people will not listen to you or they will turn you down and you have a fear of rejection, the better idea would be to start saying Hi to people. If this too looks difficult to you start interacting with people via chatting online and then talking to them in person at school or at work. This way you will exercise your conversation muscle.

Try something totally different

An apparent way to get out of your comfort zone is to try something totally different you haven’t done before. Point to be noted in this situation is that while you plan to do something different, chances are high that you do something in line with your personality. Think of something that you always thought as not your piece of cake and something people can’t relate to you.

Start making new associations

Making new associations will increase your exposure to different opinions, interests and experiences and will result in meeting people in a total different way while increasing your self-esteem and confidence level. Start reading a biography of someone you don’t know or a book whose author is not known to you. Start reading articles and blogs on random topics over internet.

Educate yourself

There are high chances that things in actual are not as difficult as you have portrayed them in your imagination. Doing a little research would not be a bad idea. Getting quality information can help yourself give boost to suppress your fears. Learning from other’s experience that have faced the same music before and getting some valuable tips from them could be a great idea to pull oneself out of the comfort zone.

Help your mind generate positive memories

Let yourself know how much fun it would be once you are out of your c-zone. Imagine all the positivity you will get once you break all the boundaries. It is a human tendency to remember the negatives and underestimate the positives and achievements gained in past. This actually is a trap that can only be broken down if the positive memories are allowed to flow into our minds.

Accept the fact that you are not perfect but less than perfect

It is very important to understand that the rules we usually make for ourselves in order to become acceptable by others is nothing but a self-imposed extremely high standards. It is an illusion that we live in with and it needs to broken down. Come out of the illusion and see the real world. Join others. Become a little passionate. Start living a normal life. Continued on page 2……

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