We should be very careful about words which we utter. The words we speak about our self become reality for us. This reality introduces us about a fact that becoming successful or a failure does not happen suddenly. These two phenomena’s always reflect signals of their arrival. Certain qualities distinguish successful people from failed ones. These qualities brought such strength into individuals that they easily overcome the hardships of life. Many researchers have proved the fact that if individuals focus more on what they want, they eventually get it. To create a successful personality we must nourish following qualities in ourselves.

Jafar-Ali-2Mr. Jafar Ali is MS in Clinical Psychology from Government College University, Lahore. He did MSc in Applied psychology from Institute of Applied Psychology University of the Punjab. Jafar has served as a trainee clinical psychologist at the adult psychiatry ward of Services Hospital Lahore for and Mayo Hospital Lahore, during which time he conducted detailed assessment and management sessions with clients afflicted with a range of psychological disorders. Jafar is expert in CBT, REBT and Behavior therapy

Editor: Hameeda Batool

Defined Goals: 

For carving successful attire the first and foremost thing is about setting of defined goals in life. Our life depends upon the goals we have. Select such goals for yourself which are true replica of your time and effort. The true happiness comes in life when we achieve bench marks set for our self.  Our qualities also shine in bright colors when we strive hard to attain set standards. A common observation tells us that usually after retirement people find themselves trapped among different diseases. Major contributing factor to this is that they do not have clear goals for coming life. Individuals make different kinds of plans in life. Hope keeps them alive. These plans serve as an opportunity to do more achieve more in life. Without having defined goals no one can steer his life towards right track.


Assessment of Situation:

Second quality that is very crucial is about rightly assessing the situation. This quality is about having an idea about other people’s opinion. Sometimes we really do not like the attitudes of others. We do not look into the situation from their perspective. We try to think that other people are teasing us due to personal resentments. May be its true in some cases but most of the time we assess other people on mere assumptions. The rule of thumb in human relationship is about figuring out ‘what is right’ rather battling about ‘who is right’. Successful people cultivate the quality of rightly assessing the situation and if they find that they are on wrong side they quickly admit their mistake and move ahead.