There is a very famous proverb in English “Grass is always greener on the other side”. This proverb is normally used for such people who believe that other people are living much happier life than of theirs. This satirical proverb sums up their internal feelings about themselves; in reality nothing is like that. Individual’s success merely depends on luck factor, rather is the product of collective hard work in proper direction. It’s very rare that without doing anything people attain all the wealth and prosperity in life. It’s against natural always which governs the functioning of the universe. Until someone does not prepare any plan, does not utilize their true potential, does not focus on their vision, success and good fortune never knocks at their door.

Whenever we face hardships in our life or we are fawad-aly-shahunable to attract success, due to our laziness we start to repent on our lives. As famous writers Mark Twine said “Do not go around saying the world owes you a living. It was here first”. Due to our inability to work, we start to spread our failures towards other people. Who so ever listen our story start to relate their failures with us. This multiplication of failures then cultivate very strong sense in individuals that world is not a fair place. Instead of draw a lesson from our failures, we step away from the reality, which eventually ends up in a dysfunctional life.

Such mental paradigm is very lethal, if we study the history we will see that there are many people who starts up their lives in total misery and end up by living a legacy. Only difference between them and ordinary people are their never die attitude. They never believe is losing. They never sit idle. They make their way up by being consistent. They accept the challenges of life and face them with proper planning and strategies. They never operate with fear.

Here are some tips which are quite help to overcome negative self believe and entitlements of being a failure in your life.


Many a times it is seen that people try to attribute their failures to others. By holding others responsible for your failures will never resolve your shortcomings. Some time there are people who create a very strong opposition in your way but that is only temporary. If you work out a strategy to solve your weaknesses, flowing along with events in life, start making better plans which fetch you better results later on. Then they do not create many hurdles. Focus more on public relations. By calling bad names to others will not make them bad. It only creates a negative self image of you.


People fail in affairs when they do not work smart enough, they lack in enthusiasm, dedication and self discipline; or they envelop themselves with the fear that all their efforts will go in vain. Self believe and smart work is the key to achieve anything. Start to develop positive portray about yourself. Inculcate confidence that you are the best and you can do anything good enough. All these strategies are a small picture of working smartly onto your desire goals. Lawyers and doctors never give negative gesture to their respective clients and patients. They work smartly by saying that you will win the case and you recover very soon from this disease. 


Stop viewing your life from a tunnel. It will narrow down your focus. It will hide many things from your sight. Broader up your vision. You must have a dream, a destination, and a target to achieve. All this activity will strengthen your intellect and increase your ability to focus on one particular thing. For example if you want to become a writer, start reading different books, then gather information about your favorite subject, then start writing. By doing good enough work persistently one day you will become a known writer.


Success and failures are like seasons which kept on changing and rotating their turns. If you are determent and your will is strong then you will find success. One major principle to attract success in to be cheerful as seriousness is the refuge of shallow. When you start to become more cheerful in your life; your mind will attract positive vibes from environment. Being depressed is attributed towards failure. When you start to live or feel depressed your intellect also replicates it. No new thoughts will enter in your mind. This will create frustration leads towards anger.