It is to stay an optimist is an art; if any one remainder optimist he/she can compact all hurdles and can look every problem with solutions. For understand the optimism I am going to present a case history of Mr. Brett Griswold, who is 51 years of man and has been suffering from diabetes and he has added more years in his life. How did he make this possible? Let’s go through of his achievement by his own wording. He described “My doctor freshly said to me, You have been alive for 30 years, but you are actually nearer to 51.

ahmer jameleMr. Ahmed Jameel is a psychologist and playing his role as a drug counselor in willing ways Karachi for 5 months. He has expertise in dealing with mental issues like depression anxiety reducing techniques and stress and anger management, motivational counseling, drug addiction problems like educational counseling, group and family counseling. He has interest in studying and researching psycho-social current issues of people suffering from mental and drug addiction issues and also people who are not suffering from any kind of mental and drug issues but they feel work stress in daily life.

Editor: Wakeel Murad

I asked him to make clear how I’d behind closed doors added 21 years to my life. You were born thirty years ago and you have been breathing with diabetes for 21 years which makes your real age 51,the doctor affirmed.

regardless of being an well-informed medical professional, his declaration actually bears no scientific correctness, and there is no proof supporting a declare that living with diabetes without doubt adds years to your age.

After this discussion, I sat in my car for a while, amazed by the unforgiving words he spoke about the situation of my body. Why would someone pronounce such a thing? I have met public, youthful and adult, who have been alive with diabetes for as long as they can memorize and they are often in good health than their acquaintances. Even if the doctors declaration were factual who profit from investigation something like that?

in the meantime, at my age of “51,” I was a small piece painful from a 20 mile run I’d finished two days earlier, part of the guidance for my first forthcoming marathon. receive that, diabetes.

I say no to live my life in such a pessimistic way. I recognize that diabetes is not an effortless thing to administer and that there are fitness concerns with high and low blood sugars, but I also think in the influence of a positive approach.


For instance, author Paul Tough stated in his book, How Children Succeed on his character theory. Tough suggests that personality traits such as grit and perseverance are often the shaping factors in achieving accomplishment. He describes that character is developed as the consequence of encountering challenges, overcoming mistakes, and ongoing to go forward.

I cannot imagine of a group of public who have more personality than us millions of people who are existing healthy and happy lives with diabetes. It is with grit and perseverance that we are capable to work through the every day challenges of living wage with diabetes and come up to  stronger.

As an qualified 51 year-old, my recommendation is to continue positive in your life with diabetes. pay attention to others who can assist build a positive impact on your life. take no notice of the people who only perceive the dark side of things despite of their understanding or education level. And keep in mind, you are in total control of your thoughts. You are leaving to have the sense of hearing misinformed remarks from friends, family, and doctors, but your thoughts about how you perceive your life with diabetes is up to you.