Written by
Jafer Ali:

  1. Sense of humor. Work on your sense of humor and boost it up. To enhance your sense of humor, join a group of friend that is with good sense of humor, select your family members and colleagues with good sense of humor. A healthy sense of humor not only help you in a good mood or state of happiness, but also in the state of low mood, sadness and  even when going to visit anyone at the hospital. Remember your whole day activity while going to sleep and imagine humorous moments and laugh at yourself and others to enlighten your mood and happy sleep.

    Jafar Ali is working as clinical psychologist at Willing Ways, Lahore. In 2015, he completed his MS in Clinical Psychology from Government College University, Lahore. He did MSc in Applied psychology from Institute of Applied Psychology University of the Punjab.

    Jafar has served as a trainee clinical psychologist at the adult psychiatry ward of Services Hospital Lahore for and Mayo Hospital Lahore, during which time he conducted detailed assessment and management sessions with clients afflicted with a range of psychological disorders. Jafar is expert in CBT, REBT and Behavior therapy. He employs an eclectic approach towards therapy.

    Editor: Haroon Christy

  2. The problem is temporary always. It is normal and healthy to be sad, cry or weep. It is also normal to experience grief at loss, feel upset in upsetting moments. When experience all these events always remember all these problems are temporary and time limited. When you give your problem sit at a relax point, take a deep breath and imagine the intensity of your problem today and ask yourself, what will the intensity of problem, tomorrow, next day, after a week, after two weeks and after months? You will realize after a time you will may remember your problem and it will just a memory. So never hold your negative emotions and pains.    
  3. Other people don’t care, only you care what you are wearing. It is one of the biggest problem of today, when we visit an official place, join a party, have a family get-together or joining a holiday picnic party, what I should wear and what other will think about my dress? Does it suit me?  Researches indicate that in most of parties and public place more of 90 percent people do not notice what other people are wearing. So always wear what you want to wear according to your comfort.  
  4. Be brave. Change your lifestyle and quit to be cowered. It makes no difference what is your gender or what is your age.  Change your attitude toward life and take challenges in life bravely and with positivity. Stop feeling powerless, scared or anxious.  
  5. Dare to be speak truth. Don’t lie, when you have fears of devil to speak truth. Kick the devil and speak truth. Habit of speaking truth will generate self confidence, self acceptance and self esteem. It will generate contentment a sense of self worth.
  6. The only exception to the above rule is when you have positive intentions. We can make a little lie to make someone happy, to cheer up our mood or to fresh the environment.
  7. Always take responsibility and show we have a big divine power. This power is the power of choice. Never use passive voice always say I chose it, I did it, and I want to do it. Always be assertive and make the deadline by yourself, don’t wait for a command what matters belong to you.
  8. Keep your journey of success up. It is very difficult to stay at a peak of a mountain, it is also difficult to rest at the slope. Always move yourself up in the life. Life is a developmental line. We ought to enjoy our success and celebrate life achievements, but don’t stay or take too much rest. Extra rest will rust us out. So always celebrate success and set new goals.