How easy is it for teens to hide their drugs?

The typical teen’s room… the bed is disheveled, the mattress is exposed, a leather belt is thrown on a heaping pile of clothes, food and candy wrappers lie on top of a book that has never been opened, an empty soda can sits on a desk scattered with highlighters, pens and crumpled paper, and on the dresser is a stick of deodorant next to lip balm and a bottle of hairspray. If you have a teen, this bedroom description may sound overly familiar. The only thing that makes this room different from those of many other teens is that many of the items in this room serve to hide a secret stash of drugs.

Raychelle Cassada LohmannRaychelle Cassada Lohmann is a national board-certified and licensed professional counselor. She has gathered experience working as a school counselor at middle and high school levels, where she has helped hundreds of teenagers deal with emotions of anger and frustration. On the basis of her extensive research on anger in teenagers, she has authored The Anger Workbook for Teens. Her second book entitled Staying Cool…When You’re Steaming Mad provides. Raychelle is member of the American Counseling Association.
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It’s no surprise that teens can be very clever about where to hide their secret possessions. Teens are notorious for being innovative, and hiding their drugs is no exception. Not only do teens hide drugs in their room, they also hide them in their car and bathroom. Their hiding spaces are limitless, but just in case teens need some help, they only need to go as far as their phone to check out drug concealment options online. For parents, it’s important to stay in the know of what your teen is doing in his or her spare time. While paranoia is never a good thing, neither is denial.

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10 Most Common Places Teens Hide Drugs

1. Writing Utensils 

You may think that that highlighter is used to highlight important information, but it actually may be concealing pills, pot, or powdered substances. Just pop off the back and instantaneously that highlighter converts into a pipe for marijuana. And if a teen needs to learn how to transform his marker or highlighter into a pipe, the internet has tons of videos that show how to do it in less than three minutes flat. Not only are wide barreled highlighters and markers open game, but so are standard pens. That BIC can serve a double purpose, first to conceal small drugs and also as a straw to snort cocaine.