Having targets in life is the essence of self-direction. Unless we know where we are going, we are likely to commit mistakes off and on. Some of us seem to be busy enough but fail to produce any kind of result. People need to identify what is important to them so they can build into every week, or every day if possible, some activities moving them in the direction of achieving their goals.

First and foremost thing, to keep you in track is fawad-aly-shahidentification of your goals. The easiest way to identify is quick list technique. It is about writing down the three things you mostly want at any given moment. Then put the list away, and repeat process at the same time during each of the next three weeks. Then take out your lists and read them. You will be left with little doubt about what is important to you.

By reading, it confirms the fact that the things towards we are striving reflect the things we want most. Similarly, we may find our goals. If we repeat this technique every six months, we will become aware of how our needs changed our period of time. We will also aware of the fact of unimportant things we are doing, it can then help us to modify our goals or show us the necessary adjustments needed for change. Another effective way to identify out goal is to ask key questions from you such as:

           What are my lifetime goals?
           How I like to spend the next three years of my life?
           What are my strengths and weaknesses?

Take each question in turn and without thinking deeply, write down straight answers. After that, spend two minutes going through your questions and deciding on the three most important answers in order of preference. Now you have up to nine answers. Consider these, and decide on the three most valuable, in order of priority. These are your key goals.

self direction inside pic

Second most important thing in self-direction, knowing what is important for you. Goals are of no use if they are not in-line with your personality. This small questionnaire will help us to know better about ourselves. After answering this we might likely to gain greater insight about our values.

           Name at least three people you admire most?
           Name at least three people you would most like to be?
           Write three nicest things anyone has said about you?
           Which was the happiest day of your life?
           On which accomplishments are you most proud?

Last factor which is necessary to keep on right track is about time management. If we are not managing our time well, it will surely mange us in troublesome manner. Many of us have only had vague idea of how they actually spend their time. Two concepts are of great value in time management. One is about time log other is about time-busing log. Time log involves keeping a diary or gadget to monitor your time utilization. Time-busting log gives us an insight about wasted time on the basis of 4 W’s (When? Where? Why? With Whom?) In time logging 80/20 rule is very useful. The trick of using time well is to know what we want. Time logs not only show us how we are allocating our time but also monitor and gauge our performance simultaneously.

Following tips are very effective in utilizing time productively;

  • Divide your day into small parts
  • Make lists and set priorities according to the importance
  • Cut down huge tasks into small portions
  • Always clean your desk or room
  • Keep things in tidy manner

Dr. Seuss has beautifully quoted self direction as “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You are on your own, and you know what you know. And you are the guy who will decide where to go”.