The main issue involved in self-discipline is taking responsibility for what comes in our way. In reality we blame others for our mistakes. Successful individuals realize this fact to a great extent. They are truly responsible for crafting their own destiny. Basically events do not shape our life it’s our opinions about the events which does the trick.

Many people ask the question: what is making fawad-aly-shahthem unsuccessful? Instead of, what they are contributing to their failure. The first question places our destiny in the hands of others. The second question, because it makes us responsible for our own success, motivate us.

Shakeel was in distress. His first business venture an advertising agency, failed. Three years later, he is still talking about this failure. Instead of letting it go, he has kept this incident alive. One the other hand Shakeela was injured in car accident. She becomes a paraplegic. She now writes children’s books. She is an extremely cheerful and productive person. Instead of expanding the past, she has, as far as possible, overcome it.


These two examples explain one of the major components of self-discipline which is about accepting your personal responsibility about life.

Another major factor contributing in self-discipline is governing your thoughts. When we look at how we might handle irrational thinking? We return to the issue of gaining some control over what we think. We need a mental diet to combat with irrational or negative thoughts, as we often diet to improve our physical selves. According to Bertand Russell, ‘Every day is a new life to a wise man’. For this one day, do not entertain a negative thought. A Chinese proverb is very helpful to understand this phenomena ‘we cannot stop the birds of sorrow from flying over our head, but we can stop them from nesting in our hair.’ If you are not successful in digesting this diet, don’t despair. Every new day is beginning of a new start. Over-concern which is named as worry; is one of the major aspect of irrational thinking patterns. Worry kills more people than work is due to the fact that more people prefer worry over work. We can reduce our worry by questioning it; write about it, work over it, assert yourself for it. All these techniques are very seasoned to overcome worry and going off in a new direction.

Acquiring more personal freedom is of paramount importance in self-discipline. Following principles are very beneficial in acquiring personal freedom:

  • Pick positively rather than negativity
  • Choose direct alternatives
  • Always involved in those activities which suit you
  • Present yourself the way you are

Our personal freedom overshadow when we choose negative appraisal in life. Stay positive in daily routine enhance our personal freedom. Due to negativity we encircle ourselves with ‘No’. The resonance of negativity stops us from exploring best possible things for ourselves. Keeping the ability to choose direct alternatives make us more realistic in nature. We ask ourselves questions such as “with the things as they are what we can do by our self to make things better? We are, as living in societies, constantly pressured to take up various causes which are often time consuming. Always participate in such activities which are in-lined with your interests. Having dual face will surely build a strong barrier to attain personal freedom. It is very important that we must reveal our true selves inform of others.

To conclude Dennis Prager narrates “Happiness is dependent on self-discipline. We are the biggest obstacles to our own happiness. It is much easier to do battle with society and others than to light our own nature.”