Many time people live up with the expectation that having a positive mentality will sort out the ways, Willing Ways are needed to cultivate clop of success. Blissful life is not a myth. Success is fickle but living successfully by being the best one can is always possible. You are valuable is another name for self esteem consistently reminding yourself that you don’t need luck to build your self-esteem. People sometimes think self-esteem is correlated to have favorable environment. The roots of building up a high self-esteem are embedded in childhood. It’s nothing to do with the lavish environment someone have In fawad-aly-shahchildhood kids are told what to do and what not to do. They were constantly reminded of their shortcomings. This negative learning about self ultimately results into troubled teen life, generation gap, and less mature personal and professional growth. Having low self esteem people most easily become emotional and offended people who feel understanding. Who doubt their own capabilities have poor opinion of themselves. Self esteem is a gift which is given to every individual with any discrimination by the nature. Some people think self-esteem only belongs to these who have beautiful successful and talented anciently. One of the greatest myth yet to be broken is that having good look, rich family and lots of good education is necessary to have high level of self esteem. The truth is some people from very humble backgrounds have become the best human beings, and some people who have had most ideas starts in life end up like a disasters.

We can categories self esteem into three levels. One is lowest level, second one is marginal or low level and last one is high level of self-esteem. There are certain characteristics of people which stems out from these three hierarchy of self-esteem.

Characteristics of people having lowest level of self esteem:

At the bottom level of esteem is the assassin, who is a person virtually devoid of feelings of inner value. The assassin wants to hurt people, especially influential people to mark its importance. Then comes group of people call terrorists. They need to hurt of kidnap innocent people to make a statement. They think that their statement is unshaken reality. Abuses are another group of people who demands attention by mistreating people. Then cheaters come along who believes in success at any price as long as it’s free to them, Cheaters are always on take the advantage at situation and mold it by their desired preference.

Characteristics of people having low level of self-esteem:

In the middle level of self-esteem hierarchy are people who don’t need to kill hurt, abuse or steal to get attention. They get it in more socially acceptable way, first is the exhibitionist, who boasts to get attention, They love to say, “Did you see what I have done. Always glorify their achievements. Then comes the gagster’s who is often a person other like to have around for entertainment. They are often popular. They send the message to the world is to “See them”, “They are funny”. New comes materialists. They are simply such people need the superficial wrapping and the show to feel important. Many people file into this category.

Characteristics of people having high level of self-esteem:

One the high level of self esteem are achievers, who wants to be noticed for personal accomplishments. They work hard to earn the respect of others. They are much interested in earning respect rather grabbing the attention. Many a times achievers are underestimated, underrated. They may not get a lot of public recognition but then inner circle always label them as good performs. Then comes contributions. They also don’t need attention recognition, they are very often generous and self giving, but their esteem depends to some degree on having the approval and respect of others.

At the very top of the hierarchy are the internalists. They always know that most importance opinion always comes from the conscience. They are not proud or over bearing, neither are they unwilling to listen to the ideas of other. Their opinions of themselves always based on internal standards rather on what may people say.

To concluded I will end up with the famous quote of Winston Churchill:

 “It’s hard to expect an empty bag to stand up straight”