We all know that addiction is very damaging and destructive force that destroys people’s lives. It means that it damage everything like value, biological health, physical health, psychological health, social health and spiritual health as well.  If peoples can take proper treatment and follow proper recovery program it leads to the death. There are a lot of options for recovery that is formal treatment and self-help treatment.  Formal treatments are offered by those who are professionals. Self-help can be defined as the act of helping or improving oneself without relying on the assistance of others. The goal of treatment is to return the individual productive functioning in the family, workplace, and community. Overall treatment of addiction is as successful as treatment of other chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma.

Arslan Saleem11Arslan Saleem has done BS Psychology. He is working as a Psychologist. He has deep interest in Yoga, Breathing Sciences and Meditation and He helped numerous people for recovery from Mental and Physical illness through Yoga and Breathing Exercises.

Editor: Maryam Shah

At one time, drug addiction was seen as a failure of willpower or a fault of moral character. It was not documented as a disease of the brain but now medical authorities have now acknowledged and accepted drug addiction as a chronic, relapsing condition that alters and changes brain normal function just like any other psychiatric or neurological illness. Its expression and development are impacts and influenced by genetic, biological, psychosocial and environmental factors. About Three decades of clinical practice and scientific research have generated an extensive range of effective methods to drug addiction treatment. Widespread data document that drug addiction treatment is as operational and effective as are treatments for most other chronic medical conditions.


There are so many addictive drugs available for addict use and treatments for all specific drugs also differ as well so the treatment varies depending on the individualities of the patients. Problems that are associated with an individual’s drug addiction can differ considerably. Peoples who are addicted to drugs comes from all walk of life and many of them suffer from mental health issues, work-related issues, physical health issues or social problems that make their addictive disorders much more complicated and difficult to treat. A wide range of scientifically based treatments available for treatment Drug addiction.