“When it comes to Medicine and Religion, everyone’s an expert” -Anonymous


Self-Medication or treating oneself based on one’s own observation and understanding the disease, is a rather risky operation. Without knowing the exact symptoms and the background of the patient’s alihassanmedical history, people jump to conclusions and start taking medicines which they believe would be the best for the sickness. It is a common practice in households to treat an undiagnosed or unacknowledged problem with the medicines that we deem fit for the task.  Similarly the intake of medicine is also self-administered. It is a common phenomenon among the uneducated people to take multiple pain killers expecting that they will work more efficiently when taken more. Such misconception lead to serious health risks and can endanger the lives of the people.

The case of Self-medication is prevalent in our society because we have an easy access to drugs. Medicines can be bought from any pharmacy. Unlike other countries the medicine shops in our country do not require a prescription note from a verified doctor to give the medicines to the people. One could easily get their hands on life saving drugs from nearly every drug store throughout the country. Another reason that promotes self-medication is that people do not have the time to visit the doctor or cannot afford to visit one in many cases, hence they put their own knowledge of medicine to the test to counter the diseases they face without thinking of the consequences of the self-administered drugs in the longer run.

People take a great amount of risk when they apply their own medical knowledge on the symptoms they don’t have a complete information about. Sometimes they may be successful in eliminating the problems but sometimes their treatment could backfire resulting in further worsening the condition of the patient. In extreme cases it could lead to serious health risks or even death. Taking the wrong medicine and taking the wrong dosage of the medicine are equally dangerous for the health.

Most doctors consider self-medication as substance abuse because it may give people relaxation in the short run but could prove really devastating in the longer run, even worse than the original problem. Doctors believe that without a proper treatment plan and the advice of a professional, people could put their lives in danger.

To avoid the dangers of self-medication, always have knowledge about the medicines you keep at your home. Secondly, don’t jump to conclusions regarding the diseases, always try to gain full knowledge about the disease before coming up to take an action. For common illness consult a doctor about the dosage of the common medicines like pain killers and if preliminary actions don’t have an effect on the illness, never try to increase the dosage on your own, always consult a professional.