Motivation is all we need to change ourselves. It sounds really simple to motivate someone. But in reality so many complex things are working on behind the scene. Motivation and will power are two most common words come in our mind when we have to deal or discuss the phenomena of   change. Willpower is a muscle which contracts and extracts according to situations. Motivation is something which describes what things are responsible for achieving something. For example, individual may be motivated to stop talking drugs for health reasons but he must have the willpower to do so.

First thing that is very important is becoming fawad-aly-shahyour own best friend. It is very effective thought to start with. It is important to be helpful to yourself. Many a times we may talk to our self in very destructive manner. It destroys self-motivation rather than creating it. Using words like I can’t, it’s impossible too frequently will create a negative buzz in our head. It will then harm us in so many ways later on. For example, our task initiation skill will damaged by it. When we become friends with ourselves a sense of achievement surrounds us. This little attitude than creates motivation to do something bigger or that we are afraid to do or never done before.

self motivation inside pic

Unconscious programming is another integral part of creating self-motivation. Though, typically programming of unconscious is done by using willpower. Imagination is likely to be more effective in stimulating change in unconscious. Apparently, the unconscious part of our mind cannot difference between imagination and reality. This provides the basis for unlocking the channels of hidden areas of brain. Having faith deep down to do something actually unlocks the doors of motivation. These guide lines are of quite useful while programming the unconscious.

  • Relaxation is the first fundamental to start with. Allow yourself to relax before channeling your mental moves. This will also improve visualization process.
  • Next is to make your imagery detailed and specific, as close to real thing. See yourself going through the real step-by-step sequence of actions.
  • Finally employ as many senses as possible. Like, ‘See’ the situation in your mind, ‘hear’ what is happening ‘feel’ yourself in action.

One at a time, mentally re-create things that have gone well in our life. By reliving those moments in our imagination a number of times will boost positivity and leads to create a better motivation for next task.

Finally, positive suggestions are of great value in creating better motivation for ourselves to perform certain tasks. Positive suggestions are simply saying silently to yourself, to stay focus, to remain in-line with the motives of your life. These suggestions may come from different sources. Parents, teachers, gurus, mentors are different channels of receiving positive suggestions. Friends are also of great value in giving handful feedback. A simple task, like following is very helpful to record and analyze positive feedbacks from others.

Whenever you take a suggestion from someone write it multiple times in a piece of paper. As you write the words, do really think about their meanings; notice anything resistive, doubtful, of negative about this suggestion. On the back side of paper write all these negative stuff. When you finish, if you have been honest, you will have listed the reasons why you are keeping yourself from getting what you want. Work on them and eliminate them gradually. This small exercise will create a lot of motivation within you. It also helps you to generate the self-motivation you need to keep you going. However, though motivation may facilitates the energy we need it, does not gives sense of direction.