Healing is a very important process toward recovery. I have seen people encountering innumerable difficulties while going through this process as it is not smooth. In most cases individuals experience immediate positive effects (improvements) while in other cases immense doubts by the individuals prevail.

Majority of the times they considered their state worse as compared to the one prior to their arrival. Those perceptions proved to be misconceptions since drastic improvement was reported in them in between and after the healing procedure. Not everything is a piece of cake. It requires a lot of patience and tolerance to undergo the stages of the process of healing.

1- Denial: The need for denial exists in everyone at times, if we fall sick we will probably use denial or least partial denial from time to time. It is used to hide the fear of being labeled weak. Some time we are able to talk with some of our family member and friends easily about our condition. While some time we are not comfortable with discussing it with other people. This is normal mood and it is defense mechanism that stops use normal mode of behavior, long term denial can be costly.

2- Anger: There comes a time when we can’t maintain the first stage of denial anymore. Then they have the feeling of anger. People often say why me? Not Mr. Xyz. And anger will be different for each person.

3- Bargaining: Since anger did not get you what you wanted. You will probably unconsciously try to bargain by being good and doing something nice so that you will get what you want. Most bargains are mode with GOD. Underneath most bargains is hidden guilt. You may feel guilt for doing something bad. Hearting someone do doing right thing etc. It is important to find the reason of guilt and let go for it, as it will lead to more bargains.

4- Depression: it is refers to feel low in energy and thinking negatively, losing hope for thing we wanted. We try to pretend that we do not care but we do really. If you block you feelings of loss you will get depressed.

5- Acceptance: When you have had enough time, energy and focus to process the four previous stages, you go into a stage in which you are neither depressed nor angry about your condition. This is the time better to know yourself. You being to feel your true needs and seek nurturance in the ways that are new to you and you haven’t experienced before.

6- Rebirth: Acceptance and healing lead to rebirth. In this stage you need plenty quiet of time to get to know yourself. In this process of recovery you may discover that you undiscovered parts of yourself that you have buried for long time. At this time you come to know that you can change your relationship. It happens automatically because you have changed the attitude of your life.

7- Creating New Life: Move into health and live more honestly with yourself and find new area of self acceptance that you are unable to maintain before. And know your new life has started.