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Murk Qazi:

Have you ever seen a chameleon that shifts its skin colors to suit the environment and adjust into the surroundings comfortably? Some addicts can do the same with their addiction. When one addiction becomes overwhelming or loses its charm, many people often switch to another alternative behavior that is just another form of addiction

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For instance a person addicted to alcohol might switch to marijuana because alcohol no longer gives the pleasure that it used to earlier. With time, even marijuana would lose its attraction or might create problems and he would possibly switch to a non-chemical addiction, say work. Yes! Even working can be an addiction. This constant working pattern can again create monotony or stress him out, and the person may switch to taking pills to help with the tension or get addicted to gambling or pornography. Hence, the cycle would continue unless the main underlying problem is not identified and attended to. The main reason why someone resorts to addictive behaviors is the actual core conflict.


What exactly is this pattern of addiction? Research has found that there are certain behaviors that can be just as much pleasuresome and trigger the same reward centers in brain as do drugs that can be abused. So you have substance addiction on one hand and process addiction on the other. And the latter can be just as much impairing and disturbing as the former.

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Process addiction is a behavior that is compulsive in nature. It can include anything and everything from gambling, pornography, eating disorders, spending impulses, or sexual activity. It works as a cover up addiction for any chemically charged addiction.