Since ancient time, people have been fascinated by memory. Before the quick availability of modern technologies, a good memory was vital for many activities. For example a politician in ancient Rome could not rely on the projected text, which for television news caster and politicians has become routine. Carefully prepared speeches had to be memorized. The memory methods developed to help in such circumstances provide mankind the basis for modern techniques crafted to help individuals.  Pencil and paper were not invented for nothing, and use still our most valuable external memory aids.

fawad-aly-shahIn order to improve our memory, we should consider making use of both external and internal memory aids. Internal aids are strategies for improving our mind’s ability to retain the material we want. External aids are strategies to relive our mind to the need to remember.

We want to improve our memory for following reasons.

  • To remember future events.
  • Because we keep losing things.
  • To remember vital information about ourselves.
  • Because we keep forgetting to do things.
  • To remember people’s name.
  • To remember how to do something we need occasionally to do.

Most important reason of having a need of a good memory is to have access to the right information at the right time often better met by writing the information down in the right place than it is by searching your memory. A pocket diary, address book are commonly used memory aid; but these aids sometimes fail in their desired use. What is the reason? because they are not available at the right time.

Our Mind is not a computer:

Computers have magnificent memory, but poor mind. We have only to write a sentence once, and it has remembered it, word perfect, forever more. We could give it a meaningless jumble of letters and it still remembers accurately. It is a mistake to believe that our memory works like computer. Ask yourself a simple question? How many times have you thought: “Am I bound to remember that” and then forgotten it very next day?

Developing our memory is about using appropriate skills. Memory techniques will enormously improve our memory, but using them will not be like changing your mind into a computer. Change will come through by learning strategies which make the best use of our mind as it is.

In this article we will see how external aids can helps us in remembering things. How they can improve our memory chords. Following things are helpful external aids.

  • Diary                                                                  PDA
  • Digital Voice Recorders                                 Smart phones
  • Programmable watches

Before selecting from above aids, it is important to answer following questions.

  • Who will use it?
  • What are his/her unique strengths and challenges?
  • Why it is needed?
  • What goals and activities will the aid help the individual to achieve?
  • Where and when will the individual use this aid?

For example Saleem is working in sales department. He is 45 years of age. He is having difficulty in remembering the exact time and day of future sales meetings. Or he often forgets about his tasks.

By using one or group of external aids he can easily resolve all his issue regarding memory issues.

“The business of life is the acquisition of memories as in the end that is all there is!”                     (Anonymous)