Truth is such valuable thing in everyone’s life that everyone struggle for it. Different techniques are being used to detect truth and some of the methods have been working effectively, but that need proper training and skills to use those techniques. Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet which we can use with everyone and gets result. We can’t guaranteed the results of techniques, depending on person’s behavior, which can create ambiguity. Two problems arises while using these lie detecting techniques. We can’t say whether it is false positive or false negative. Results could be positive but we can falsely say that it is negative, or results could be negative but we can conclude it as positive. Poly graphic machine could produce different results, because machine also lack in skills and can’t identify the variation in results.

Amina Javed 00Ms. Amina Javed is currently working as a Clinical Psychologist at Willing Ways, Lahore. In 2015, she completed her MS in clinical psychology, from Centre Clinical Psychology, University of the Punjab, Lahore. She had training of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Behavior Therapy and she is interested in Dialectic Behavior Therapy as well.Readmore…


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To identify dishonesty in different social situations or in any business meetings, we can’t use these lie detection technique, so to deal with such situations we need to develop certain techniques which can be used readily. Such technique which reduces chances of ambiguity or false positive or negative results. Otherwise it will be of no use, as it would be difficult to implement in social situations. Therefore, simple and reliable technique is required to detect lie and make accurate assessment about truthfulness or untruthfulness. There is such technique, which increases the probability of separating truth from deception. Limitation is that this technique is only applicable to certain situation. For example, if you interviewing someone for job, or meeting someone first time or if you trying to find something that is misplaced by someone or you wanted to inquire who stole something? In such situations you need to ask question that will help to detect lie.

  1. Begin by inquiring a series of harmless queries. Rather, you would already know the responses to these questions. But you can inquire about certain things which most people would not fabricate about: Where did you brought up? At which place do you work? Do you have any offspring?
  2. Notice the person’s eye movement when you are asking your questions. Eye movement is related with which part of the brain someone is using to retrieve the data.
  3. After you have observing “honest” eye movements, at that time you need to ask a question that the person might or might not be able to answer truthfully. Why did your previous relationship terminated? Why did you resign your previous job? Do you know anything about the lost cash? If the eyes move in an altered direction, the person is perhaps not retrieving information about that thing you are asking about, they’re likely sketching on a diverse part of the brain to craft a reasonable lie.