This program developed by Sean Covey serves as a valuable guide for people to not only survive but also thrive in their lives. It is based upon six key decisions that people make during their teenage years, which determines how successful their future would shape up to be. It offers a set of guiding principles that allows people to make well informed smart decisions in relation to issues such as school, dating, parents, friends, and addictions. The program addresses topics that are likely to produce life changing results and can affect a person’s future in a profound manner. Sean Covey utilizes his personal experiences along with stories from other individuals, while presenting his own proposition for helping people achieve lasting success.

Dr Joel L. YoungArman Ahmed has completed his MS in Clinical Psychology from Government College University, Lahore. He is also an alumni of Forman Christian College and Aitchison College Lahore. His research work includes experimental studies on concepts of emotion regulation, empathy and threatened egotism. His interests also extend to topics in the sphere of social psychology such as locus of control and superstitions.
Editor: Amina Javed

In today’s world, people are expected to navigate challenges of a diverse nature. Unlike earlier generations, people nowadays have to contend with the pressures of social media, increased accessibility to drugs, rising rates of terrorism and the host of psychological ailments that stem from these issues; just to name a few. Though the problems that we are usually faced with continue to assume more complex forms throughout our lives, there are certain critical decisions that determine the course of our future.

decisions-makingThe areas that occupy prime importance in our lives were derived by Sean Covey by way of conducting surveys with adolescents from all across the world. From the host of challenges that were identified through this exercise, 6 particular ones stood out from the rest. Importance was attributed to these challenges as they always required making decisions for which the consequences were huge. It became apparent that what people did regarding these obstacles, constituted the six most important decisions that they made in their lives. These six important decisions that we make are the following:

  • School. This represents what we are going to do with regard to our education?
  • Friends. This involves determining the kind of friends we surround ourselves with, along with the figuring out sort of friend that we aspire to be.
  • Parents. Based on the quality of relationship with our parents and how well we get along with them.
  • Dating. This decision concerns aspects such as whom we would develop intimate relations with.
  • Addictions. Concerns our decisions about smoking, drugs, drinking and engaging in addictive behaviors.
  • Self-Worth. Has to do with how we assess ourselves and our abilities.