With the passage of time, technology is being advancing and overtaking our daily lives and no matter what age, gender and economic status of person is, technology has taken over them. The high technology devices, including phone, computer and tablet have become part of life and for most of people it has become best friend. People become anxious if they lose access to their smart phone even for short time. Dependence on phone has increased so much that we rely on it for everything. We rely on it to do everything from saying “I love you” to breaking up, from checking bank balances to investing, from sharing photos of the grandchild to sexting. While on dinner table or doing work at office, it has become norm to check phone for texts, emails, tweets and Facebook updates.


Amina Javed 00

Amina Javed is working as a Clinical Psychologist at Willing Ways, Lahore. In 2015, she completed her MS in clinical psychology, from Centre Clinical Psychology, University of the Punjab, Lahore. She had training of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Behavior Therapy and she is interested in Dialectic Behavior Therapy as well.

Editor: Samreen Masud


While watching a movie in a theater, there are usually some people who would never keep their phone away and will check it again and again. Previously, women use to market with other ladies to get help in buying things to have their opinion, but now they carry their phones instead. Over dinner, in church, while driving, at one of our kid’s performances and even when carrying on a face to face conversation the smartphone is guaranteed to keep you in tune and in touch.Now people start bringing their phones to their bedrooms. The bedroom isn’t the only intrusion the smartphone is making into supposedly private, sacred moments, either.


It has been found that 12 percent use their beloved devices in the shower and more than 50 percent use during driving, despite the fact that using phone during driving is six times more dangerous than driving after drinking.  It has become mind set of our society that we have to have our phones with us everywhere, even at shower room or during private moments. This mindset has become such a real problem that this fear of being without your phone is known as nomophobia. Which explains, that rush of anxiety and fear when you realize you are disconnected out of the loop with friends, family, work and the world. This feelings of losing your connection with world could be due to dead battery, no minutes, forgetting phone at home and worst of all the fear is losing phone.