Quit Smoking Tips That Actually Works


A lot of smoker starts smoking because their family and friends do. But if they keep on smoking it means they are addicted to nicotine and many experts stress that the nicotine in tobacco is dangerous as heroin or cocaine

Those peoples are more successful who want to make a change and write their goal in writing. Writing means you write down all the reasons why you want to quiet the smoking and keep that list where you can see it every day. Those peoples are more successful in quieting smoking that got help from family and friends.

  • Fix a day when will stop smoking and write down in your dairy and encircle in calendar with colored pen and inform everybody in family and friend that you will quit smoking ion that day.
  • Peoples who are smoker can’t stop smoking with cigarettes around him excite them. So get rid of everything that excite you.
  • Peoples who are smoker aware of the time when they tend to smoke like smoking after food, when you meet with your best friends or while you are driving a car. So when you smoke while driving a car then walks or takes the bus for few weeks so that you can break the links. If your smoke after meals then do something new and go for a walk with a member of family or a close friend.
  • If you and your friend smoking at the car then go to near hotel for discussion


  • Peoples who are smoker their body is addicted to nicotine and they go through crisis when they are planning to quiet. the crisis that they face like headache, depression, lack of energy, dry mouth and a wish to eat etc
  • Peoples who are smoker try to make them busy. Peoples find it easy to quit smoking when they are busy and involves in working all day. The more you are busy the less you carving for cigarettes.
  • Peoples who are smoker try to quit smoking gradually by decreasing the number of cigarettes each day. That is also a good way to quieting smoking.

Smokers when they plan to quit smoking fails at start but don’t give up and when they quieting smoking successfully then suddenly have a craving that is so strong to smoke again it doesn’t mean that you are failed. It just means that you are human and there are ways that you can adopt to get back on track;

  1. Firstly you think it as your mistake and notice when it happen and why it happened and try don’t do it again.
  2. Keep in mind that it will take time to quit smoking and one cigarette doesn’t make you a smoker. And smoking one cigarette after quiet doesn’t make you smoker again.
  3. Always keep in mind that you want to quit the smoking for you better health and get support for your family or friends to motivate you all the time.

Smoker keep this thing in mind that quieting smoking is not easy and in order to do this give yourself a reward and rewards like watching a favorite movie, buying new clothes and many other rewards like these help you to motivate and help you to quieting smoking.

Psychologist Arslan Saleem