The world, today, is all about the money market. Education, research and funding itself is magnanimously helping the ‘explore’. Trend: high-quality education and nurturance of leaders either to head currently established organizations or to build new ones. Leaders sow the foundations of any profit/ non-profit making set up. Hence, it is crucial that the manager be an adept leader. They have the power to break or make. They can do both, motivate the community in achieving new endeavors or de-motivate personnel while welcoming an infertile future.

rahimeen-ahmadThe commercial on the TV, the professor in the class, the daddy of the house all require your best to be the best. Competition is at its peak. The environment necessitates that little something extra out of you to be a part of the race. What is this something extra? Where do yo go shopping for it? If graduates from Harvard and Stanford are more or less similar to one another then what is it that’ll insure being better? Who’s going to lead – who’s going to follow?

Maybe genes have a role to play. Is intellect the key to success? Are highly intelligent people the only candidates for leading the bunch, today? What is intelligence anyway?

Intelligence quotient, popularly known as IQ, is the most commonly used measure to determine the smarter one of the lot. Hundreds of different tests compute IQ. What is IQ? 

I’ll help. “IQ is a number used to express the apparent relative intelligence of a person that is the ratio multiplied by 100 of the mental age as reported on a standardized test to the chronological age. IQ is the measure of cognitive abilities, such as the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new situations; the skilled use of reason; the ability to apply knowledge to manipulate one’s environment or to think abstractly as measured by objective criteria ( such as tests); mental acuteness; logic and analytical skills”. Is intelligence quotient it?