We are all aware that social media has had an extraordinary impact on our culture, in business, and on a larger scale on the whole world.  Social media websites are some of the most well-liked search on the Internet. They have transformed the way people communicate and mingle on the Web.

However, aside from seeing your friends’ new baby on Face book, or reading about Miley Cyrus’s latest encounter with the law on Twitter, what are some of the real blows, both positive and negative, that social media has had on our society? Here is a closer look at the outcome of social media on politics, business, and socialization as well as some of the negative effects such as cyber bullying and privacy.

Salma-Basharat3Salma Basharat has completed her MSC in Behavioral Sciences from Fatima Jinnah Women University After completing BSC in Botany, Zoology and Psychology. She did her 6 weeks internship in psychiatric ward of Benazir Bhutto hospital. Her areas of interest are mainly relationship counseling and addiction counseling. She is working with indoor as well as outdoor patients simultaneously with the aim of making difference in someone`s life and committed to the well being and restoration of her clients, facilitating them to evolve in a more tender way.

Editor: Itrat Zehra

Thanks to the progression of technology in the last century new techniques of mass communication have grown radically. Before the late 19th century, there was only the printed word to put across information to the masses. Since then, the world has seen the innovation of radio, television, and most recently the internet. One of the most influential means of communicating thoughts and ideas is through the use of mass media. In modern cultures, the influx of mass media has shaped an important way of discussing, determining, and reflecting the values and behaviors of each culture.


These days, social media seems like a huge part of our life. When your friends didn’t respond to your text, you can locate them on Face book. Take advantage of YouTube if you want to listen to music or see a music video from your favorite singer.  Now when you wake up and open your eyes, you don’t have to walk outside to get the newspaper, just take your phone and roll your Twitter timeline then you’ll get all the information you need. Blog and Forum are also kinds of social media because they allow you to share what you think, how you feel and perceive about articles, pictures, videos and so on. There is social media which permit the users not only to distribute their profession, works and company, political vision and religious conviction, but also allow them to locate a job and permit the company to discover the employees. Everything looks and feels simpler to do with social media.