We are often blind to and out-numbered by the forces acting on us to maintain a particular behaviour. The result is that we fail to change the habits that we would like to change even at the peril of having a heart attack or losing our job.  Therefore it is important for us to recognize these forces and harness them in our favour.

  • Personal Motivation: The question here is, ‘ Do I really want to change?’ Left in a room by myself, would I want to engage in the behaviour?  If not, we can visualize our default future: What will happen if we don’t change and we can vitalize our designed future: What we will have if we do change.
  • Personal Ability: Do I have the knowledge, skills to do the right thing? It is important to get authentic and comprehensive information about our change project. Now a days we have the internet at our disposal which makes it much easier for us to get the information. We can check out reputable sites and BEST PRACICES .
  • Social Motivation: The company we keep defines us. Are others encouraging the right behaviour in me & discouraging the wrong behaviour? Have I turned my accomplices into my friends for my goal? We might even have to change the people we hand out with.
  • Teamwork: Does everyone have the same goals. Sharing  our vision and goals will help collaboration and make us a real team and family. Social Ability:   Mentors and Experts. Do others provide the help, information, or resources required, particularly at critical times/ my weaker moments?
  • Structural Motivation: Do the rewards encourage the right behaviours & discourage the wrong behaviours? We can give ourselves incentives for sticking to the vital behaviours and disincentives if we slip.
  • Structural Ability: This is about changing the things around you to help you in your goal. Does my environment enable good behaviour or bad? Are there enough cues to remind me?  Is it easy to do what I should be doing Or is it easier to do what I should not be doing? Do the distances between things encourage good behaviour or bad in me?