The SQ3R reading system is designed to help individuals study and remember Information effectively. This system ensures that you integrate new knowledge and fix this information in your mind so that you can recall when you need it. The SQ3R follows the following steps: Survey, Question, Read, Recall and Review.


Have a Bird’s eye view of the text document. See the introduction, content and summary of the text. See at the knowledge scattered in the document. Look at different elements of the text, such as italics, bold words, subheadings and boxed text. Explore any images, maps, charts or diagrams that are embedded in the text. These often point to the ideas that are central to the article.



Look at the question. You should be able to answer these questions after you have gone through the document. Think about questions that you may have thought of during your survey. You are far more likely to retain information when you’re thinking in terms of questions.



Now you read the document one section at a time. Make a note of anything that you can’t discuss in the session. Turning every subheading into a question, in your mind. You can record your reactions to what you are reading. You can underline important concepts or use a highlighter.


1. Read


Once you have read a section of the document, run through it in your mind. Then go back to the questions and try to answer any question from memory. Turn back to the text if you are unable to answer a question.


2. Recall


Review the document to know that you have understood information in the document and feel confident that you are able to discuss the material in the workshop. Turn SQ3R reading technique into a habit by using it each time you read a document.


3. Review