Written by:
Maymoona Zahid

When we talk about love the first question which hits our mind is: What is Love? Well this question generates a host of issues. Some of us think that love is nothing else then a non realistic word, while others think it as a mean by which ourselves and our beings are irrecoverably effected once touched by love.  Whatever we define love as in but in reality love plays an unavoidably enormous role in our lives. If we start up talking about history of love we see its roots from ancient Greeks. It’s said that love is the way which connects you with one another. It gives a person a different kind of feelings which one can easily differentiate from the other emotions.

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Editor: Haroon Christy

Researches say that there are different languages of love too which make us feel more connected. Chapman believed that there are 5 love languages which play a vital role in our lives. The 5 love languages according to Chapman are as following:

  1. Words of Affirmation
  2. Quality Time
  3. Receiving Gifts
  4. Acts of Service
  5. Physical Touch

According to Chapman the feeling of falling in love can be rated as the second highest feelings in all emotions. Love enormously consists almost in all of our cultures. Many poets have written poetry on love and there are a lot of songs, dramas and movies based on this small word called love. Although every culture has some specific meanings of love too according to their culture but there are 5 universal steps of falling in love which are universal in all cultures.

Falling in love is confusing, scary, funny, and life-changing all at the same time. Well it’s said that falling in love is irrational and uncontrollable. Have we ever thought first before falling for someone?  Off course the answer would be No. What makes us fall in love with someone is determined by our irrational sub consciousness rather than by our rational consciousness. All emotions make us irrational, not just love. Reason is that emotions follow a decision making mechanism that isn’t logic or rationale. They follow intuition. Intuition is just the facts that are hidden from our consciousness. So here it’s proved that falling in love does not follow a rational path way in fact its zealous and untamed.