A methamphetamine vaccine is declared as the first specific treatment for people with meth addiction. This vaccine is successfully tested on animalsMeth has become one of the most commonly abused drugs worldwide over the past 20 years. Over 400,000 people in the U.S. are currently using meth. There are currently no treatments for meth addiction. One reason is that the drug has certain qualities that make it more addictive than any other type.

Meth (methamphetamine) is a highly addictive drug, affecting approximately 25 million people globally. If this vaccine is tested and proven successful in humans too, it will give people with meth addiction a hopeful future.This is an early-stage study, but its results are comparable to those for other drug vaccines that have then gone to clinical trials.

Six potential meth vaccines were developed two years ago by Janda and colleagues. The leading active component of each was a chemical cognate of the methamphetamine molecule linked to a greater, antibody-provoking carrier molecule.

After conducting trials in mice, results showed that three of these candidates could evoke a powerful antibody reaction to meth. These 3 vaccines were then tested in rats, which allowed the team to discover the one, designated MH6, which worked best at preventing the two typical effects of meth:an increase in physical activity and a loss of the normal ability to regulate body temperature.