It is of extreme significance to learn the skills to concentrate because, to be successful and to reach the top one need to acquire the power to concentrate. Don’t be discouraged if you are not able to focus for a very long time. It is a strange fact that we are unable to concentrate on something which is non-beneficial to us whereas easy to concentrate on something useful. The good news is that with the help of certain techniques we can overcome this tendency easily though it needs to be practiced on daily basis. The second part of the article will focus on these techniques. 

In the following section I will discuss the factors because of which we become a victim of poor concentration:

Study area

haroon-charistyA good comfortable place is very much needed in order to study with minimal distractions. Gone are those days when people were used to read and learn while sitting on a horse or under the street lights or a fireplace light. Now a days a comfortable place to study includes a study table, pen, pencils, papers and books. According to Psychologists, a conditioning effect is created between you and the table, which means that if you nap or daydream while sitting on your study table than that table is a Cue for you. Meaning, whenever you sit on that table either you nap or you day dream. Thus the solution is whenever you start daydreaming or napping  leave the study area and go somewhere else. 

Quality of light

Poor light quality is a major trigger for distributed concentration. It also results in sleepiness, headaches, eyestrain and tension. According to lighting engineers good quality of light should be glare free, flicker free and a good contrasts should be between light and dark.  


One of the major reasons for not being able to concentrate is a noisy environment. Therefore it is of utmost importance to oneself to firmly decide about looking for a place which is noise free. Better not to get psychologically trapped and start looking for a complete noise free area. One option which is very easily available to almost all of us is a Library, which strictly follows the rule of ‘NO NOISE PLEASE’. 

Music an unknown obstacle 

In our surroundings we many times come across students who prefer music while studying. Not only this we also hear music at supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants and places of similar kind. So the question that arises , is the music in such places an obstacle in performance and productivity of the worker?  Music helps much in eradicating boredom and drabness. Therefore places which follow up a set pattern of a monotonous job , like assembly lines or shopping malls, music helps them. This is because there work doesn’t involve any conceptualization and therefore it becomes boring for them at one stage. On the other hand for someone to read or to learn something, a full concentration is necessary. Several experiments have shown that students who study with back ground music are expected to perform low in exams as compared to those who study without music.

Interestingly many students put their point of view by saying that they study well with background music, but the true picture illustrates that even by putting utmost energy to learn while the music is ON , 75 percent attention can be given, still the 25 percent is taken by the music. The important part is that during the whole time when music is ON, the relentless sound waves bombard our bodies, resulting in making us physically tired.


Many times it happens with students that they are not able to decide about what subject to study and at what time to study, which in short results in wasting an ample amount of time and generating negative feelings towards studies. In order to overcome this psychological barrier, the best solution advised is to plan. Maintaining a regular planner is not only a good habit for students but also it helps in becoming a successful person in life.


Sometimes everything looks fine and it becomes difficult to point out the loop hole. Daydreaming is usually that loop hole whose victim we usually become and it results in being a failure in life. The victim can make those dreams a reality, only if he/she wants. It actually is an escape from hard work and it wastes your precious time. Practically speaking the more you day dream the more you move away from your goal. Also day dreaming becomes your usual habit like drinking tea or taking bath daily. The better idea would be to replace these with positive habits that would have a long lasting effect.

Worrying Much

Researchers have shown that 90 percent of worries are pointless and they do not result in anything fruitful. Worries are like rocking chair: uses lots of energy but takes you nowhere.

Absence of realistic goals

It is very important to set realistic goals, goals that are achievable. For example if at one fine night I plan to start loosing weight and for that my first step is to start doing jog in morning for 1 hour than that will not work for long. Firstly I need to start jogging for 10 minutes and then increasing the time span slowly and steadily. The chances would be much higher that this routine will turn into my habit. An extra tip would be to attach a reward with it.

Techniques to improve concentration

Following are some of the techniques that one can adopt in order to acquire the power of concentration.

Checkmark Technique

As the name suggests, checkmark technique consists of a piece of paper that is placed near the study area. Whenever the mind starts wandering here and there put a checkmark on paper. Keep practicing this technique again and again and a time will come when your brain starts sending signals to you to win the deal. The span of concentration time will increase this way and the number of check marks will reduce drastically.

Thought Stopping

Thought stopping is a very effective technique in which whenever your mind starts wandering, you yell STOP in your mind. This is usually accompanied by putting a rubber band around the wrist and pinging it while yelling STOP in mind. This way the mind automatically avoids the negative word as well as the pain.

Problem Solve

In case if you are worrying too much, this technique is of great help. Ask yourself two questions: Is the problem actually a problem? And if it is, can anything be done about it? In case any of the question answers NO than its fine. If your worry has a solution, sit down, brain storm and plan the best action possible.

Worry Box

Take a fancy box and mark it as your worry box. Whenever a worry pops up in your mind, write it down on a piece of paper and drop it in a box. After that, pay your attention to other matters, letting your mind free of that worry. After a week or month throw all of them out. If you want you can read them after sometime to let yourself understand that most of your worries were groundless. 

Spider Technique

The technique is called spider technique, because when a vibrating tuning folk is brought near to the spider’s web, it makes some quick moves here and there to investigate about, but after some time starts ignoring the vibrations. The same is applied as, when someone in library moves here and there or the door opens, rather than distracting your attention, force yourself to keep your head down and concentrate. To begin with, you will be forcing yourself but afterwards one learns to ignore these external distractions.

“Concentration is the ability to think about absolutely nothing when it is absolutely necessary”

– Ray Knight