Written by
Amna Nawaz

The institute of marriage acts as a foundation for any society’s civilization. It constructs the social bridges which help in keeping each other connected whereas single people are considered to be more socially isolated and lonely. But the studies suggest quite surprising observations. There have been common claims that it is married people who are responsible for holding the society together, who are more caring and connected, and who contribute more in the society’s welfare. But the research data suggests a completely opposite notion.

Amna Nawaz works as clinical psychologist at Willing Ways, Lahore. She has done MS in clinical psychology and B.Sc (Hons.) from GC University, Lahore. Heath counseling, addiction counseling, subjective well-being and intellectual disability are her areas of interest as well as her educational expertise.

Editor: Sehrish Sarfraz

 There are several studies conducted in the recent time that have attempted to conclude that  marriage acts more as a greedy institution than something which unites and connects people within the other broader families and communities. The findings of the study indicate that single people are more connected to other people around them,  they maintain more social ties, and offer more help and support to others who are in need such as neighbors and friends as compared to married couples. Moreover, the surveys have suggested that single people remain in touch with their parents and siblings more frequently and they visit and spend more time with their friends than married people. The research evidences also indicate that single people engage themselves more in volunteer works and participate in community services than married ones.

Single people also reported to have more friends than married people do regardless of their gender. Furthermore, it has also been concluded by the studies that single people take more care of their elderly or physically ill parents than the married individuals, and it has been found out to be true for both sons and daughters. Studies have also revealed that married people only work hard in ways that benefit just themselves and their nuclear families. Moreover, it has also been revealed through scientific evidence that men tend to become less generous with their friends after getting married. According to a recent study, wives who viewed marriage as romantic in nature were less likely to be involved in volunteer work while also leading their husbands to volunteer less too.