Take responsibility….. Stay ahead

To grow emotional maturity, every individual must develop two critical behaviors: the ability to live with uncertainly and the ability to delay immediate gratification in favor of long-term goals. Basically our progress in life is depending on the quality and quantity of contribution we make. Every one of us wants freedom, but are we really willing to take the responsibility of our actions. Nature has bestowed us with the law of cause and effect. We can take advantage by simply studying the ‘effect’ of the way we live. But main mantra is changing the ‘cause’. Nothing shouts louder of a man’s condition than the habits of his life. Habits are nothing more than direct reflection of how someone handles responsibility.

University of California at Berkeley research shows that the happiest, best-adjusted people in their present and older lives are those who believe in having a strong measure of control over their lives. They learn from past mistakes instead of replay them. They spend their time more in ‘doing’ rather fearing what may happen. 

But in most of our society people more believe in luck than actually taking the responsibility of their actions. They are open to fear an doubt and in a result suffer from greater emotional and physical problems. Such people perceive themselves as victims of the system. Taking responsibility in life make us self reliant. To build our own self-reliance we need to replace fear with knowledge and action. Duke University research of on human behavior shows that “people are not only self-incarcerated victims of their own fears; they are victims of habits and group conformity as well”. Taking responsibility means higher personal and professional standards of behavior. Being cleaner, neater and better groomed than the group. Put more time and effort into all you do. As we know that immediate gratification creates hurdles for person to take and own responsibility about his life. Here are some tips about how we can create and develop self control within ourselves and take better decisions in life. Own much responsibility of our actions. 


Yes we do. Although time always runs, but we can use it as we choose. We choose how long we work and leisure. Make proper schedule about your time. This will enable you to see where you are spending all your time. It also nullifies the chances of procrastination.


It is also true that we control our thoughts and creative imaginations. Use the technique of mindfulness. See the areas from where your thoughts and concepts are generating.


We can’t select all the people we should like to work and be with. But surely we can manage our relationships well. By changing our environment and seek out for successful role models to lean from, also creates patience and self control. It also equips us to fetch sound conclusions about life. Minimize the level of our hardships and with group support we tackle problems in an efficient manner. 


People choose which concepts warrant the most attention and effort. We are responsible for create a track for ourselves. We set long-term goals which become our causes, the things we are most identified with by others. Never react emotionally to everything which you interpret as a threat to your self worth. Make your responses constructive.

“The individual person is responsible for living his own life and for finding himself. If he persists in shifting his responsibility to somebody else, he fails to find out the meaning of his own existence.”

(Thomas Merton)