An article written by
Faiza Shah Afridi:

When a teenager does crossed their teens and become an adult? It is a question that usually leave teens and parents both confused. As it can be seen in California that one can get a license to operate a car at the age of 16 and vote and die at the age of 18 for their country but they can’t buy a beer until they become 21 years old. Teenagers are told almost daily as not to act like a baby and to grow up and at times they get a message, “you are not old enough to do that”. More importantly what are these adults expected to do at this era of high tech.

Faiza Shah Afridi is Clinical Psychologist at willing ways Karachi. She is Bachelors in Professional Psychology and M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology from Institute of Professional Psychology (IPP), Bahria University Karachi Campus. She is working as Illness Management and Recovery Practitioner by providing Psychiatric Rehabilitation to adults with Mental illness includes Bipolar, Schizophrenia and Depression since 2 years.Readmore…

Editor: Sahrish sarfraz

One perspective of looking into the concept of adolescent development is to understand their Developmental Task. This term was originally coined by Conger, as these tasks are socially expected age appropriate tasks that are required to make transition from childhood to adulthood.
These Developmental tasks also vary from culture to culture and with the passage of time and era, but some of them are universal. They include attaining independence from parents/guardians, regulating to sexual maturation, sustaininghelpful relationships with peers, arranging for vocations, and evolving a sense of identity. Also, there is a rapid physical and psychological change as compare to other stages of life.

Becoming an adult is not a piece of cake, in developing sense of identity a teens may pass through several identities before finding the one that fits. This also explains different girls who dye their hair blue and then red, as they are experimenting. Teens fights with parents, and this is one way of expressing their independence from parents. Teens might not aware of what they want but they are clear as what they don’t want. They don’t want to identify with their parents. Unfortunately, many parents take this push away from them.