We all hate with the connotation of being a failure. We try our level best to avoid failures. But this thing is also true that for achieving success in life we have to face failures in life. Without embracing difficulties success cannot be attained. In reality these failures are those tiny steps of yours which open new horizons for you. Without going through the pool of errors you will never estimate your true potential. You will neverfawad-aly-shah discover yourself. Your qualities of being a competitive individual shine that way. If your profile is not mentioning your mistakes and failures, this shows your too much careful approach towards life. You have not been able to explore yourself fully. Such way of living lacks in livelihood, enthusiasm and passion.

According to great writers Khalil Jibran only one thing completes dreams of a person; that one thing is the fear of failures. The people who are encircled by the fear of failure actually set goals way below than   their true potential. They try to avoid failures at any cost. They want to avoid shameful situation at the cost of giving up their dreams due to fear of rejection or failures.

          It is a fact that in professional life as well in personal life we must experiment to acquire something. We made our self ready for taking risks. We must come out from our comfort zone.

 Leaving our comfort zone is not an easy task. We will defiantly commit mistakes in this journey. Some failure will be bagged up for us. To achieve some fortune in our life we must ready to welcome these small shortcomings. Try to celebrate these mistakes and failures.

          In recent times a week of failures has been celebrated in a girls school in UK. The theme of this week was to stem out the fear of failure in students. Teachers and parents told their stories about failures. Teacher told students that “do whatever they want to do”, take risk in life and never be afraid from experimenting in life. The teachers were of a view that by doing this the students will be able to find out their true potentials and abilities. If students accept failures as a past of becoming successful individuals then they will in good position to take better decisions about their life. This practice then becomes an automatic response and their confidence build up gradually. In contrary if fear of failure surrounds people than patty maters in life like giving diving test, speak up against an audience and finding job for you become most horrible experiences of life. It is better to knock at the door of opportunity all be yourself. If you want guidance or coaching for anyone then without hesitation express it to particular person. If his answer is no then make accord with it.

 How children learn to walk? They do it by trial and error method. They never ran away from their goal. In the end, eventually they learn how to walk properly. This type of motivation slightly fades away from us in the process of development. When we reach the age of adulthood we tend to be more conscious. We try to achieve something half heartedly. In due process if we become successful we label it merely with luck; if we don’t succeed then we never try that thing again in our life. Success is not an overnight phenomenon. Many difficulties come across for those who are not dedicated towards their causes, who are not true to themselves.

Why failures are important; men in business know it better. Sir Richard Branson is a famous businessman and investor of our times. He is the chairman of virgin group. According to him every successful entrepreneur faced multiple failures before availing the lime light. Some famous organizations also focus on the ratio of failures in their organizations. If this ratio falls down then they took bold decision. Strange fact; but in reality failures harness growth. Less ratio of failures means careful observations of the routines within the organizations, this will kill new ideas. In software companies a testing phase is an essential part of any particular software. If software cannot pass this phase then teams of that product try to remove flaws from it. After removing flaws from software then product is brought up to the market. Similarly this thing applies to our own life. We always learn from our mistakes. Every failure is a seed of prosperity. Facing the hardships of life equipped you with such tools which then led the foundation of growth and prosperity.

When we mark goals below out true potential due of fear of failures, we defiantly build strong barriers for our self against change, prosperity and achievement. Try to pass through gracefully from your phase of failures. In fact these failures are the steps towards greatness. Never accept any failure as the ultimate fate for you. Try to take a step forward in life. By celebrating failures you will attain extremity.