John T. Chambers is the most successful and celebrated manager of all time. Is he equipped with better management skills? The answer is no! Many others managers are much skillful than he is. But what is that deciding factor which helps him to build a company of earning profit around $152 Billion. The reason is simple; he knows how to bring best out of people. According to him “my decorated skill is my smile which I will neverfawad-aly-shah sell out ever”. Similarly another business tycoon Andrew Carnegie has earned fame and prosperity this way. This skill is very important and of pivotal importance when it comes to business and managing people.

Before digging deep into this topic, importance of consistency should be highlighted. We all know what to do? How to do? When to take certain actions in life? But we choke due to lack of consistency. A kid of seven years of age has compelled by his family to earn money for his family. He has to play bread winner role for his family. At nine years of age his mother died, while growing up his interest developed in the field of law. But at the age of 21 he only has one year of formal education. At the age of 23 he participated in local legislative elections. After losing the seat he tried his luck in business but end up heavily in debt. At the age of 27 he survives merely from nervous breakdown. After recovering he contested for the seat of speaker of assembly but again failed. At the age of 41 his four year old son died. At the age of 45 he again contested for the seat of senate but again fell short. Eventually at the age of 51 he became president of America. This was a snap shot preview of Abraham Lincoln’s life. His consistent attitude towards his life brought success for him. There is a very thin wall of paper between success and failure. But people get so close towards their success but unable to pass that small barrier.  They alter their way from this point. In reality a small push is needed to demolish this wall. Another important point which is worth mentioning here is the difference between consistency and strong headedness.

If you are not capable enough to do a certain task or it do not suit your interest but you are doing that task due to your stubborn attitude. It’s not consistency. Out daily conversations reflect out inconsistent attitudes. To become a dignified person we must tie strong nodes with consistency.

Coming back to the art of getting best out of people following tips are accumulated from the wisdom and methods of successful managers and CEO’s by the experts:

SUPPLICATE WELL: The Best way to get things done is to supplicate. From whom the supplication is going to be asked, he will happily and enthusiastically indulge in his task. In contrary giving orders in conventional way will only inculcate call of duty. Try out the principle of supplication with your coworkers, friends and family members and you will find it very rewarding.

OBTAIN ADVANTAGE FROM PEOPLE’S INTEREST:   Make a habit of telling people what advantages and benefits will they receive after completing the assignments and tasks assign to them? This will work as a motivational factor and workers put their whole efforts into given task.

GIVE YOUR HONEST ADMIRATION: To praise others honestly will encourage them to do well in their course of actions. Never ever use honeyed words as they will serve no good but to create depression and unhealthy shame within the workers.

According to Theodore Roosevelt “The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it”.

By becoming the master in art of bringing best out people with consistency will add a noble feather in to your crown of characteristics