Drunk Driving would be explained as driving while intoxicated or having high blood alcohol in ones’ system. Scientists give it a term known as BAC or Blood Alcohol Content. People with a high BAC are most likely to cause some fatal accident which might result in the loss of many innocent lives. A drunken person who is not in his senses and has no ability to even walk without assistance can definitely not give regards to the regulations of road the and hence will be constant threat to himself and everyone around him. This will increase the risk of car accidents and will add up in the useless loss of life within our community.

alihassanTragically our state takes no steps regarding this. To prevent such unfortunate events the state should pass laws suspending or revoking driver licenses, impounding or confiscating vehicles and put heavy penalties on all those who take such steps. By law they should also face some jail time when proved guilty of disobeying any of the laws and of Corse these laws should be enforced with an iron hand.

Every life that is lost due such an event can be prevented by taking some steps. A prime factor that deaths in Pakistan due drunk driving arefar less than the west are because alcohol is not readily available in Pakistan. Government should take further steps to completely eradicate this problem.

Logic speaks for itself, a person who cannot even walk, talk or act sober is in no position to be behind the wheel of a vehicle. Stats have shown most of the fatal accidents abroad are due to the fact that people drive while they are drunk, which not only leads to their death but the loss of others’ life and property.

Fatalities due to Drunk Driving are totally preventable provided that we enforce the heavy penalties on all the offenders. By doing so we could not only save innocent lives but make our nation a safer place to live in.