The Power of Self Worth

Self-worth is defined as “the sense of one’s own worth or value as an individual.” However, there are many ways for an individual to value themselves and assess their worth as a human being, and a few of those are more psychologically useful than others. In this article, we will discuss the importance of true self-worth. Why numerous people lack a sense of worthiness? How to build a true self-worth?

talhaa1Muhammad Talha Khalid has been working as a Clinical Psychologist at Willingways since Feb, 2016. His education is M.S Clinical Psychology from International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan. He did his M.Sc. Psychology from University of Sargodha with 3rd position in the university. He has successfully done two individually based projects which are, Non-Formal education program (Punjab Literacy Movement Project) for Clients of Substance Use & Manipulation of “Token Economy” system for “Behavior Modification” in Mian Afzal Trust Hospital.

Editor: Hameeda Batool

Why it is important to value yourself?

Why do so many of us believe that they are of such little value ¬¬–the belief that causes more misery than all others put together? If we don’t value our achievements independently they will remain so vulnerable that they might lose the sense of their own worth.

True self-worth helps us to build our life on a secure foundation. It is entirely different from liking yourself. We may respect and even admire someone we don’t like. If we like our self, it is not necessary to do so and certainly we do not need to approve of all our actions. But we do need to value our self, for unless we do so, we will be taking away with one hand what we are giving our self with other. If we allow our self to believe that we are worthless or that our actions are pointless, that means that we are only undermining our self and weaken our strengths. 


If we tend to undervalue our self, we are almost certainly applying double standards: If you do value yourself less than you value other people, ask yourself “Why”? Is this fair? Do you look at yourself from outside? Are you downgrading the view of yourself? Do you have one standard for others and higher standard for yourself? You are constantly undermining yourself. It is like trying to build a house on wetland. The house will not last, and its foundations will be constantly eroded.

The inner sense of value can perhaps be best explained by using the analogy of parental love. Children often do things, which their parents strongly disapprove. The parents may not even like the children at times, but the love remains whatever they do. Famous psychologist Carl Rogers called this “unconditional positive regard”. Valuing yourself will help you to build life on a secure foundation.

Mandy Hale rightly said “you will never gain anyone’s approval by begging for it, when you stand confident in your own worth, respect follows”.