Have you ever been so angry that you felt like you could breathe fire? Anger is one of our most primitive emotions. Feeling angry creates an adrenaline rush in our body and our brain. This feeling overcomes you and you feel like superman taking over the world. The rage keeps the adrenaline pumping and for most this is a great feeling and we want to keep feeling it so we stay on a semi-constant state of range. We stay on the verge of outrage. It’s almost like being drunk. You become a rageaholic.

haroon christyMr. Haroon Christy Munir is the Director of Sadaqat Clinic Lahore and also working as Counselor at Willing Ways (pvt) Ltd. He has done Master’s in Business Administration from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad and afterwards M.Sc Management from Leeds business School, United Kingdom. He is well known for counseling on assertiveness, life strategies, personality development of patients and family therapy.  He has positive approach and attitude towards life and is skilled in personal development planning, time management and prioritization.

Editor: Saad Shaheed

Haven’t we all being through this feeling? To begin with, it is an ache of anxiety or we can say irritation, a slight speedy pulse accompanied with shallower breathing, our thought gear up and we lose the focus of the point, what the other person is sharing with us. This is because our thoughts turn out to be more defensive and intrusive. This all builds up into a critical mass and blow ups in words, sometimes this is accompanied with actions. This can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Even the one’s who very well know the anger dynamics can fall prey to the anger tornado.


Well now imagine how bad we feel when something like this happens, we are guilty and shameful especially when we have to make amendments to something we did and said. Now keeping this in mind, multiply it with thousand times and the result is the chronic rageaholic. So an important point to understand here is that sometimes anger being a symptom of some problem, it itself is a problem. It’s like some people who take refuge into drugs, food, alcohol etc in order to deal with emotional pain, in the similar way people also happens to get themselves wrap in a water-resistant cover of anger protecting them and providing them with a sense of power over the threats that are either real or imagined. Once this mechanism is hardwired in addictive brain, it will become the same as talking to an alcoholic not to drink.