Think of all the times that you have agreed to do things you did not really want to do. At times it probably seemed easier to say yes. They probably felt that they could not refuse to others’ demands. Perhaps they simply could not think of a good excuse.

Doing too much for others means that there is less time for you. It keeps on increasing and becomes a major source of stress and anxiety. We feel trapped. Most people in our society are brought up to be polite to others. It is therefore a natural reaction to please others and to make life easy for everyone by agreeing wherever possible. On the other hand, this does not help individuals to manage affairs in their own life properly. People start taking you for granted.

Darlene-Lancer1Halima Noon is working at Willing Ways as a clinical psychologist. She has done her MS in Clinical and Counseling Psychology from Beaconhouse National University, Lahore. Her published MS thesis includes current trends of materialistic values and compulsive buying among young adults. She is a Certified Reiki Practitioner from Ijaz Psychiatric Institute. Halima is also an artist by profession.

Editor: Miss Hameeda Batool

Saying "no" to a client or customer is difficult for many people. Therefore, it is important to acquire this skill and practice it in a way that leads other people to accept the answer.

"The Secret to Saying 'No'" teaches skills for defusing difficult situations and to prevent those situations from occurring. First the focus is managing oneself in potentially difficult situations. Using these skills ensures that the message is received and accepted even when the answer is not what the listener wants to hear. The participants feel empowered and are able to handle what before had been a difficult interaction.


About The Power of a Positive No

No is perhaps the most important and the most powerful word in our language. Every day we may find ourselves in situations where it is needed to be said; at workplaces, at home, in our community, because No is the word we muse to stand up and protect ourselves and for the people that matter to us.