Why it is always like that some people are more successful than other’s? Any guesses …. Simply enough they are just lucky. They got their lucky breaks in time. Unlucky people are victims of bad luck. Then all the people who achieve or tasted success in life are lucky. Businessmen, politicians, professionals, sportsmen, actors you name it they have it; earned their reputation with merely being lucky enough.

fawadThat might be true in general perception. But researches proved this thing other way around. Luck is predictable. Socrates comes up with sound conclusion 2000 years back with Socrates Law of causality which is commonly known as Law of cause and effect. To make it simple everything occurs for a reason, for everything that happens to a person is not just luck it’s purely due to identifiable causes. Relating this to everyone; people’s decisions and choices in life brought them where they are right now. Tricky part is that if you just shuffle your decisions and choices you will end up in different node. We must have seen that many people who are busy in working and creating new openings in life, contrary to that majority of the lot complaining about things put all blame on how bad their luck is. Successful people ascribe their self with smartly doing the hard work and mediocre people always ascribe there self to bad luck.


Law of probability is also very important to explain the luck factor. According to this law everything that happens there is a probability of that happening occurring under some circumstances. To make things simple if you flip a coin probability to come head and tail is 50%. No matter how many times you flip the coin the outcome remains the same. Similarly if you increase the probability of success in everything you do it will increase the rate of success in every walk of life. Imagine a person who is an addict and have to aim to a target too far away. Odds to hit the target are high but if he have enormous amount of bullets may be he may hit the target. But interesting question arises that what are the chances to hit a bull’s eye? Answer is if he shots enough bullets and stands there long enough and learns to adjust the aim over time and keep on practicing, he must and will eventually hits the bull’s eye. Relating to the example if anyone try enough and learns from every try and keep on practicing to aiming at the goal important to him, he must and will achieve it. Does luck plays it part not at all its not matter of luck it’s simply related to probabilities. Less focused and less directed behaviors is cause of bad decisions not luck.

Law of averages is another reason behind success wrongly tagged as being lucky. Consider an example, you are wearing a nice dress in a party, everyone is admiring your choice and telling you how lucky you are to have that dress. Luck has nothing to do with it. It’s your thoughtful process about the dress which draws attention but people are confusing it with just being lucky. Admiration is the happening and your thoughtful process about selection of dress is the activity which brings joy in that moment of yours. Law of averages states that if look enough stores with clear idea about what type of dress you want then you will find what you are looking for.

These all laws are neutral. They don’t have their favorites because they are not human. Neither they are for nor are they against to anyone. According to a research conducted at Harvard, they narrated that change, growth, and competition are rapidly occurring in every field of life and those who do not keep up with the pace of these factors will be wiped out.

To conclude luck is a nice defense mechanism devised by humanity to keep their atrocities under the carpet. Doing nothing and put all the curse on the luck is very easy way out.