Time management is an art of organizing one’s life which gives the impression that person is in driving seat of his life. Time management is easy. All you have to do is to change your approach towards working styles in every dimension of life and use the saved time effectively.

fawadThere are two ways which are adaptive in this context. One is eastern way stems out from “4S” based on four Chinese words beginning with “S”. English translation is ‘Organization, Orderliness, Neatness, and Cleanliness ‘in every walk of person’s life. The other one is modern concept comprises of recording, monitoring, and improving of time.

Stephen R Covey put it rightly so as he quoted “The key is in not spending time, but in investing”.  Time is the most valuable asset anyone has. Its time which clicks on and on and until someone realize its importance it slips right through hands like grains of sand. People probably take a short term view of their life. They want to get work done and reach home and have enough time to enjoy themselves. But unless they take a longer view and know what they want from their life, they cannot plan how they will reach there. By having this vision of clarity about future, they will become successful busy and happy because they are in command of time in pursuit to achieve their aims in life.

Are you Nadir or Naseem?

Consider the example of two colleagues who work in same office and how well you relate to their situation.

Nadir regularly oversleeps, gets to office late and feels constantly tired. His table piled up with files and he never find the file he needs. He constantly has to deal with interruptions like people or by phone. He switches over between meetings and never seems to look organized. He usually works late gets home tired and after having dinner does pending stuff. His family always complains about lack of time for them. Nadir is quite frustrated because he is always under stress of doing things. His management is beginning to wonder if he is really up to the job.

On the other side Naseem gets up at the same time every morning and allows himself to have a good breakfast before leaving for office on time. He has same amount of work as of Nadir, but mange’s it well. He has plenty of time to relax with his family and restore energy to pursuit his other interests. His management sees a competent employee who has work under control and a persona enriched by his leisure activities. He is earmarked for promotion.

Most of us want to be like Naseem but spend our more time like Nadir. Things will start to get smoother once you will strive for efficient and effective usage of your time.

Self assessment

A small self assessment describe that are you managing your time well or otherwise.

  • Are you always tidy for work and meetings?
  • Do you meet the deadlines?
  • Are you organized in your daily affairs?
  • Do you leave office on time?
  • Have you enough time for your relationships?
  • Do you personally believe you are in charge of your life?


If all of your answers are YES then you are enjoying life like of Naseem. But if you’re a big No then you are stumbling upon like Nadir and have to apply following tips to regain control in your life.



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