An article written by
Murk Qazi:


Depression has colored the sky of many people a pitch black; one that is often hard to escape and much harder to deal with. It is a very troubling mental disease which is made much worse due to the social stigmas attached to it.

And unsurprisingly, like many other mental disorders and complications, it is a gift of Industrialization and increasing advancement but not something entirely new. You will find depression to be a recurrent theme discussed in historic Chinese poetry, Japanese poetry, and Russian literature. Leo Tolstoy called it mortal internal disease in 1879, and Paul Verlaine phrases it as:

“A vast black sleep falls over my life sleep, all hope sleep, all desire.”

murk-qaziWith majors in Psychology, Murk Qazi has BS Social Sciences degree to her credit, conferred by Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology. She has developed numerous research studies in the domain of Psychology and otherwise. being a believer of meaningfulness, she is determined to make her career, and life in general, as much productives as her potentials would allow. Other interests include reading, art, literature, aesthetics, and food. 

Editor: Arman Ahmed

While a study conducted in 2010 claims it to be the second largest cause of disability globally, some recent surveys have shown signs of 17 percent of female secondary students in America have shown significant signs of depression. In Pakistan, an alarming 40 percent of the population is suffering from depression with very limited access to treatment.

What can be done, you ask?

One of the most effective ways to deal with such alarming rates of depression while having scarce awareness about it and insufficient treatment resources is: prevention.


Get Natural Light

It has been found in some researches that the exposure to sunlight an area gets, the chances of people getting clinically depressed there get lower. When compared with anti-depressants, sunlight has been found to be more effective in treatment of depression, as reported in various studies. As a matter of fact, about 50% of the Northeastern population in U.S. experiences dullness in moods in the winter season.

If you are suffering from depression, make sure that soaking in some sunlight is a part of your daily routine. Spending about at least 30 minutes under the sun in the morning is best. You can either go out and take a walk or stay indoors and read a book (or do any hobby that you enjoy) beside a window that allows sunlight in the room.