Written by:
Iqra Tariq

Romance is the most important element of happiness in relationship. But some of us don’t even know how to make romantic life better. Because when relationship starts, people live their lives very happily but after sometime they get bored and don’t enjoy their marital life.

Iqra Tariq serves as Clinical Psychologist at Willing ways Lahore. She had done her Master’s in Applied Psychology, from Lahore Garrison University, Lahore. And graduated from Defence Degree College, Lahore.


Editor: Haroon Christy

The secret for happy life is the effort that they always done in their relationship. Always remember a bit chaos in any relationship is part of the course.

Now in this article I am going to tell you the 7 mistakes that we keep making in romance.

  • Distraction may have negative impact in relationship. Sometimes you preoccupied and have no desire to share inner feelings or while talking to husband you often read your emails. Sometimes his/ her responses reflect less attention to what you are saying. And the worst moment is that you feel alone while in his presence. It does not mean that he/she stopped loving you. It means some other task has temporarily distracted him/her. And unconsciously you start thinking negatively. You know it’s quite rude. This thing may affect your relationship specially your romantic life.

  • When you are organized and your partner is messy and disorganized then this will affect your romantic life. For example if someone leaves clothes in a corner of bedroom, even though he/she knows it will get on your spouse’s nerves. And I am going to tell you the solution for this. If you are already in a living arrangement and are disappointed by your partner’s organization then you need to have a conversation. Shouting is not a solution because it damages the relationship. Having a calm, sincere, and respectful conversation has the possibility of yielding powerful results. When you get frustrated you have to set grounded rules such as no nagging, no backpacking while discuss the real problem.
  •  Dirty dishes, dirty clothes, bags of garbage scattered all over the house and empty boxes seems like a cluttered hell and those are the most irritating things for your life partner. It will surely affect your romantic life. If you have such type of habit then you will probably need to work on this issue of cleanliness.  It’s quite difficult for your partner to tell you that your habit of uncleanness is disgusting. If you want to tell your life partner about this issue then be careful not to discuss the issue in an accusatory manner. Such as many people says to their life partner that “I can’t believe you are so messy”. Always focus on problem instead of attacking on your partner. Because sometimes your partner has no ideas about his/her habit of uncleanness disturb you. So rather than blaming your roommate, concentrate on finding ways to address the specific problems that bother you. Express your feelings such as you can say “It annoys me when there are lots of dirty dishes on the counter”.